Update at the end of 2013: Heard an awesome idea on the Weightlifting Talk podcast: Powerlifters will often start the year (or training cycle) with literally 100-200 goals. This would include PRs on every variation of the deadlift they can think of (deadlift, halting, snatch grip, deadlift high-pull, sumo deadlift) and every other movement, major and minor, that they attempted on a regular basis. The upshot is that, on a nearly daily, or at least weekly basis, they would be crossing off goals... I really like this idea. My first goal is to update this page accordingly...

All I know is that you have to set goals if you hope to actually attain them. I also know you need to start slow. So, in the name of practicing setting goals, here are my first goals.

  1. Consistently able to perform 10 100 double-unders
  2. 10 strict body-weight pull-ups (weak arms, soccer legs... ugh)
  3. 10 strict hand-stand push-ups (wall assist ok) (finally making progress on this front)
  4. 10 strict ring dips (currently around 6-7... maybe a few more on a good day)
  1. Deadlift 300# 365# 400# 450#
  2. Feel solid on squat/split snatch form
  3. Maintain shoulder rack position comfortably
  4. Thruster 135# 155# 175#
  5. Back Squat 300# 350#