Tuesday, March 30, 2010

10-03-30 "DU/TJs, Box Jumps, 1.5 Pood KB Swings"

5 rounds for time:
40 x Double-Unders/Tuck Jumps
30 x Box Jumps 24"
20 x 55lb Dumbbell Swings (aka 1.5 pood)
Total Time:@50 minutes
 In my defense, I was also coaching GHD sit-ups between rounds, and even between exercises in a given round. Not so much of an excuse, since if I was really and truly going for time, I would have ignored that need until afterwards...clearly I liked having the chance to get a little wind back and NOT end up booting all over the floor (note to self: Regis gym NEEDS a puke bucket!)

Had a small scare in the 3rd round when a small but sharp pain developed through my right knee during the box jumps.  Walked it off, went to go do something else, to try to figure out if it was serious.  Seemed to go away, so I continued the workout.  Both knees are sore as crap right now, as are both shins and ankles...that's a crap-load of floor impacts, even trying to make sure each and every one was under control!

For the first round, I completed all 40 double-unders, while on the next 4 rounds, I did 10 double-unders and then went on to tuck-jumps, the better to target the cardio aspect of the workout by chaining together the remaining 30 jumps, rather than getting a double-under or two at a time, giving lots of start-and-stop action.  I did manage a few chains of 4-5 double-unders, so its getting there.

Monday, March 22, 2010

10-03-22 Deadlifts and Double-Unders/Tuck Jumps

7:00 Exercise Bike
Active Stretching

3 rounds of:
10 x 245lb Deadlift
50 x Double-unders/Tuck Jumps

About 35 minutes, but working in with J, since we only have the one bar, and not enough weight to load two if we did have them! Set a PR trying the Rx'ed 275# weight, but decided that completing the workout at that weight would probably kill me/us.  Dropped it to 245# and completed.  Did the  Rx'ed Double-Unders for the first round and the first 10 reps of the second round, but switched to Tuck Jumps in the name of actually ever finishing and getting a more intense cardio workout (rather than having to stop every 3-4 jumps to untangle the rope).

Friday, March 19, 2010

10-03-19 "Annie" Double-Unders and Sit-ups 50-30-20-10

"Annie" (slightly scaled)

4 rounds, 50-30-20-10 reps, for time (untimed, because I forgot)
  • Double-Unders
  • Sit-ups
There was supposed to be a fifth round (really the second) of 40 reps, but I was struggling so much to chain ANY double-unders together that I opted to skip the 2nd and 4th rounds (40 and 20).  However, while doing what would have been the last round, I decided to go to 20 instead of 10, and then do a final set of 10 as well, meaning I only skipped that 2nd round of 40 reps.  110 reps of each exercise.  Not bad for a bad day on which I was really feeling too tired to work out! ;)

Thursday, March 18, 2010

10-03-08 "Murph"

Scaled by .5.
For time:
.5 mile Run
50 Pull-ups
100 Push-ups
150 Squats
.5 mile Run
Total time: @40 minutes.  

Got a kick in the ass by J (see his blog here, from which I crib most of this blog here!), who did the full version of "Murph" in just 4 minutes more than it took me to do half.  Yikes.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

10-03-16 - Back Ext, K2E, and OH Squats

Back Ext, K2E, & OH Squats


8:00 Jumping Rope
Active Stretching

AMRAP 20 of:
15 x Back Extensions
15 x K2Es
15 x 95lb Overhead Squats
Total Rounds Completed: 5

4th set of OH squats, I got a strange tingling in my arms which spread from my thumb and first two fingers all the way up to my shoulders, on both sides.  I'm assuming I managed to compress the nerve in my wrist with the heavy weight pressing my hands back. Right arm cleared up pretty quickly, but I'm still getting the occasional tingle/ghost pain in the left.  Have to keep an eye on that. Completed a fifth round of all exercises despite the weirdness of the tingling.

Monday, March 15, 2010

10-03-15 400s & Wallballs

Monday, March 15, 2010

400s & Wallballs

10:00 Jumping Rope
Active Stretching

AMRAP in 20 minutes of:
Run 400m (working on proper "barefoot" technique - landing midfoot rather than heel-toe)
4o x Wallballs
Rounds Completed: 4 with 2:30 to spare, but my head had gone all radish colored...

7 minutes cool down on the bike

5 minutes jumping rope, shooting to string together double-unders.  Several 2s, one or two 3s.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

10-03-11 - Double-unders, L-Sit Pull-ups, DB Cleans

Double-unders, L-Sit Pull-ups, DB Cleans

5:00 Elliptical Machine
Active Stretching

3 Rounds for time of:
30 x Double-unders
25 x L-Sit Pull-ups
20 x Clean w/ 30lb Dumbbells
Total Time: 33:00

Forearms of fire. Struggled to chain together any of the double-unders (until the final 11, which I rattled off continuously like a pro!), and forearms were *smoked* from having done pull-ups 2 of the last 3 days.  Cleans were Rx'ed to be squat cleans, but I just couldn't get the speed on the squat to synchronize, so rather than killing myself, I modified them to power cleans from the deck.  Seemed to work out ok. 

In mortal agony now, but well worth it.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

10-03-10 Deadlifts and Push-ups

10 Rounds for time:
  •   15x Deadlifts 135#
  •   15x Pushups
5 minutes jump-rope work (basic bounce, jog step, double-unders)

Active stretching and warm-ups.

Stormed through the first 3-4 rounds, then started grinding out the deadlifts and really suffering on the push-ups. This amounted to a massive Personal Record for number of pushups done in a single workout, probably easily doubling it. So that's ok.  Weight lifted on the DLs? 20,250 lbs. Yup. 10 tons. Plus pushups... Yikes.

Total time: Approx. 30 minutes.  Sore as can be, but also happy as hell just to finish it! Beefcake!!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

10-03-08 L-sit Pull-ups, Hand-stand pushups, and OH One-legged squats

Warm up with 5 minutes jump-rope, still trying to tie the basic bounce and the jog step together. Finished with 20 double-unders.  Active stretching and activation:

5 rounds for time:

5 L-sit pull-ups
5 Handstand pushups
10 OH one-legged squats, with 35# barbell overhead.

This was a massively scaled workout (pull-ups down from 15, down from a 15' rope climb in L-sit pose... scha!).  Range of motion on both the handstand push-ups and the one-legged squats was small, to say the least. Definitely have to look into progressions for both, but it WAS the first time I was able to get ANY motion on the HSPUs, so I'll take it! ;)  For the final two rounds, dropped to elevated-foot pike push-ups, doing 10 per round.  Threw in a few extra pull-ups on those rounds when I had to work in with someone, and a final extra set of 5, bringing the total up to 33ish, instead of the "as-intended scaling" of 25.  Nowhere near the Rx'ed 75, but screw that! ;)

About 13 minutes to complete.  Feeling it mostly in the wrists (pull-ups yesterday for "Helen," so that's not too surprising.")  Otherwise, feeling pretty good. Knees are gonna kill me later from the squats, but that's an ok price to pay. ;)

More jump-rope to cool down, finishing with another 20 double-unders.

Monday, March 8, 2010

10-03-08 "Helen"

Three rounds for time:
Run 400 meters
1 1/2 pood Kettlebell X 21 swings (or 55 pound dumbbell swing)
12 Pull-ups

Warmed up with some jump-rope...started out shoeless, but soon realized that whipping myself in the toes with the PVC jump-rope is among the most painful experiences on the planet...at least for a fairly privileged white suburban dude.  Put shoes on and continued. Did several minutes worth, and ended with 20 double-unders. Here's some philosophy for ya: When I get better at those, they'll be way easier to do. As it is, it took a bit to get to 20, and I was suitably sweaty and warmed up after it.

Active stretching to loosen up.  Still working on trouble-shooting which part of the process makes my knees lock up so badly.  Apparently NOT the twisting lunges. They've been out of the rotation for awhile, and I'm still ending up crippled after workouts.

Set a treadmill at 8.4 mph, and away we go!

1st round was easy enough, but I totally gassed on the 2nd 400m run, which tanked my recovery after every other bit.  Still, kept going to the next item faster than I used to be able to, so my metcon is definitely improving.  Pull-ups were pretty good across all three rounds. First efforts of 6-8-6 represent a sort of personal best. First time working with a weight as heavy as 55# for the kettle-bell swings...that kind of sucked (and revealed just how MUCH arm/shoulder I use on the lighter weights!)

Cooled down with some very easy exercise bike. It has a built-in fan, so its kind of the go-to for the end of a workout.