Tuesday, July 3, 2012

12-07-03: Front squats and running

Elm City CrossFit WoD for Tuesday, July 3rd, 2012
OK, if Baby Lex Luthor can do it, so can you! (What's with the prison jumpsuit already?) (Silvaback Athletics)

This is what my 800m runs feel like. I haven't been able to secure producers or Westheimer for the score, however, so I've had to settle for the sound of my own ragged breathing...

WoD: 8x90 sec on/off
  • 3 Front Squats @ 80% = 190#
Sellout: 2 x 800m Run 1:1 work:rest

After the epic destromination I endured at the first ECC throwdown (1 post previous to this), I was actually a little gun shy about showing up today. Additionally, I was running late, giving me every reason and opportunity to just go park and snooze somewhere else... but I pulled up in front of the gym and saw everyone was still rolling out, so I wasn't *that* late. Sigh.

Upshot was that the workout looked doable, which, after Saturday's "Stacked Double-Helen" assault, made for a nice change. Front squats? Sure! Reps well within the percentage amount? Sure! Working off a real 1RM? Sure! (Though to be honest, I actually wasn't sure about that until checking my blog as I write this right now.)

The goal was to do triplets of submaximal weights EVERY 90 seconds, so stressing the system some, letting it recover some, then hitting it again. And again. And again. Until you've done it 8 times. While the first few sets felt easy, the last few felt like they were getting damned heavy, and with legs that were still shot from running and kettlebell swings on Saturday, that fatigue definitely mounted quickly! Still, end result was 8 rounds of 3 reps each, with NO grip slip issues, and no failed reps. I felt like I had decent depth on every rep, and they all felt pretty damn solid, even if a few of the "stand-up" phases felt a bit slow and sluggish, the bar kept moving, so good enough for me!

After that, it was time to run again. Run 800m, rest for the same amount of time it took to run it, then run it again, trying to maintain that time. 4:30 to run it, 4:30 rest, then a mysterious amount of time to complete the second run, because I forgot to check the clock when I came back in. Sigh.  I felt ok on the runs, but am definitely finding myself working on my breathing, as its far too easy for me to slip into ragged panting, rather than controlling my breathing and maximizing my air. Panting just kills you over the long haul, so I have a LOT of work to do here. Upshot of (eventually) moving into our new house in August will be living about a mile from the gym, which means I intend to run to and from the gym as often as possible, biking it when time is shorter. Only under duress will I actually kick the crap out of a car to drive it such a short distance. Let's see how that works out! ;)

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