Thursday, November 14, 2013

Elm City CrossFit's Epic Eating Experiment

90 days. Full paleo. No sugar, no grains, no breads, no legumes. No beer. Nothing.

One hour in:

This was basically me the day before the Epic Eating Experiment started:

But replace the (not horribly unhealthy) butter with beer, ice cream cake, more beer, and some chips and pretzels.

Woke up feeling like death, and ready to actually try to tackle this thing like a boss. First challenge? My weekly gig at a seafood and burger place, where we get free drinks and food (under a certain price). My go-to meal for over two years is a burger platter (sweet potato fries and cole slaw) and a couple beers. This week? Turns out the only option (with protein) under the $10 limit was a crappy salad with some chicken on it. Ugh. May have to go for the bun-less burger next time. Replace the fries with... even more cole slaw?! No, it probably has sugar in the sauce. Damn. I tried a NorCal marguerita, which is just tequila (silver, since it has less sugar) with seltzer and lime juice. Damn... that's a tasty beverage. Not a great choice, but not a terrible one either (compared to my usual gluten-bomb beers, at least.)

So, the upshot of an eating challenge? First of all, I have team-mates to not let down. I have coaches keeping an eye on my food choices. In all, it feels like this:

But in a really nice kind of way. Alons-y!

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  1. Keep the faith Dustin! I feel your pain my buddy Mick just finished brewing a pumpkin beer and I can't have any.