Saturday, December 11, 2010

10-12-11: CrossFit Lvl 1 Cert: Fran

After spending some time learning about the theory behind CrossFit, we learned about the nine functional movements (squat, front squat, overhead squat, shoulder press, push press, push jerk, deadlift, sumo deadlift high pull, and the medicine ball clean).  All of that took several hours, and by the end we had all air-squatted or flung around a pvc bar (or a 95# bar, in the case of the deadlift) several dozen, and perhaps a few hundred times.
After ALL that, we geared up for our shared WoD.  I was excited and petrified.  Would it be something I could kick ass at like... um... ok. Well, would it be something that terrifies me, like Fran?  As luck would have it, it WAS Fran.  3 rounds of thrusters and pull-ups, 21-15-9 reps of each, for a total of 45 each.
The bar I selected was loaded with 65#, which was a good scaling after the rest of the day.  Unfortunately, it didn't occur to me to ask to do jumping pull-ups, even though these were offered and encouraged. (I are an asshole to myself sometimes...).

Round 1 was mostly unbroken, I think for 15 reps.  By this point, I was already pretty smoked leg and back-wise, but as usual, it was my craptastic cardio that gave out first. Shocking.  However, it got worse when it turned out that after an initial burst of 5-6 reps of pull-ups, I couldn't get more than one or two at a time. These eventually turned into jumping pull-ups, but from too far away to do much good.  That round KILLED me.

I made it back to my barbell, asked (panted, really) that a few plates be put under the pull-up bar. I started cranking out thrusters, thankful and elated to hear pointers being fired at my by coaches who know how to fix form faults on the fly (a goal of mine!). However, some things just weren't going to be fixed quickly, like my inability to get the barbell onto my shoulders during the squat part of the thruster.  Soon enough...

Rest of the workout passed in a sort of panicked, under-oxygenated haze.  It was definitely fun, and more than worth it when I even finished before a few other guys and gals in my heat. Granted, the guys were doing thrusters with far more weight, and they probably knocked out their pull-ups in a fraction of the time... but still. I think that counts for something.

I spent the next heat just trying to breathe through the pools of acid and liquid metal that seemed to live in my lungs after all that. However, for the third heat, my friend Lee was finally up, and I was going to coach/encourage her as much as she had me. One of the women from my small group was lined up behind her, so I opted to do what I could for her, too. My coaching was limited to "deeper!" on the squats and "lock it out!!" on the top of the thrusters, and providing a count (where I managed to keep one) on the exercises.

Exhaustion is setting in. Must... sleep... before... day... 2!

Fran total time: 7:36 (i think... i was a bit woozy.)

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