Monday, December 26, 2011

11-12-26: Double-Unders and hill sprints

Post-Newtonmas WoD for Monday, December 26th, 2011

Matt Chan bangs out double-unders with perfect form. Note that hes not cranking up his legs to get over the rope, but just pogos up and over with a minimum of effort.
Chris Spealler with perfect running form (as usual, impossible to tell from a still frame... but trust me on this, he's perfect.)

WoD: 5 Rounds
  • 20 Double-Unders
  • Jog to hill
  • Hill Sprint
  • Recover on walk back to driveway
  • Jog up driveway
Sell-out: 100 200 single-bounces

Not a real scorcher, just enough to get moving, earn the previous days' gluttony, practice double-unders with a light, quick rope, and finally see if using the hill a bit up the street from where I grew up would be good for hill sprints. (Hint: it totally IS.) After warming up with some single-bounces with both my old rope and the new light hotness borrowed from the gym, I proceeded into the workout. After struggling to chain together even two double-unders, I jogged down the driveway and out to the hill in front of the neighbor's house. At the foot of the hill, I started sprinting up it, stopping at the crest. I walked back to my driveway, jogged up it, and repeated the process.

Oddly enough, on the third round, I suddenly very easily chained together 15-16 reps, and it felt great. I felt like I was doing no work on the rope, my upper arms weren't locking up (my rope requires my arms to be held out too far, making my shoulders sizzle like mad after about 20 seconds of work)... it was great. I was unable to re-create that experience for the rest of the workout, however.

For a sell-out, I decided on 100 single-unders. After sailing through those, I upped it to 200. By the time I was done, Fran-lung had set in, and it was time to come inside.

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