Saturday, December 31, 2011

11-12-30: Burpees, pull-ups, double-unders

Elm City CrossFit WoD for Friday, December 30th, 2011

Burpees. Anything less than perfect form is a no-rep. (Freal Fitness)
Pull-ups. Chin goes over the bar, otherwise its a no-rep. Eyes over? No rep.
Double-unders. Boy these can stink.

WoD: 18x On the minute (pick three and order)
  • 2 Burpees
  • 2 Pull-ups
  • 2 Double-Unders
  • 2 Sit-Ups
The goal of this workout was to do approximately 2:1 rest to work, so 20 seconds of work followed by 40 seconds rest, and additionally, to maintain that pace the whole way through. While it would have been easy to choose sit-ups and get rid of one of my many goats in the list, I decided to go after those goats with a vengeance. I only needed to do two of each move per round, so I figured I could easily handle the burpees and pull-ups, even doing those unassisted. The only question was really whether I could pull off the double-unders or not. If I ended up struggling, I would be in a world of hurt. The other part we had control over was the order of the movements: Each round, I wanted to hit to burpees fresh, head into the pull-ups with a lot left in the tank, then deal with the double-unders however they presented themselves.

As it turned out, I ended up keeping every round at about 20 seconds of work, and the only real variable was the double-unders. If I struggled, the round was usually closer to 30 seconds. My only concern was the pull-ups. I tried to keep them strictly deadhang at the beginning, but by the time 4-5 rounds had gone past, not only had I introduced a whole lot of kipping (uncontrolled, not entirely useful kipping at that!), I had also started letting my feet touch down between reps, to give myself a chance to reset quickly. All told, I would have preferred to not touch down, and to minimize the kipping... or to have kipped with purpose, adding in speed and power. OK, so I need to work on both strict and kipping pull-ups. w00t.

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