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12-01-09: Deadlifts and Double-Unders

Elm City CrossFit WoD for Monday, January 9th, 2011

Deadlifts: Good enough for steroid Arnie, good enough for me. Seriously.

Jolie Gentry rocks 285# at the CrossFit 2009 Games. (CrossFit)

Double-unders. Supposedly. I can see the jump-rope, so it might just be a regular single-bounce. (CrossFit Invictus)

I saw it coming from a mile away: Setting a 30# PR on deadlift a week or two ago meant that the next time a percentage workout came up, it was going be brutally heavy. I hate being right sometimes.

After warming up to my target weight of 315#, I set into the strength part of the workout: 8 sets of 2 deadlifts, 30 seconds rest between each. I can't tell you how heavy it felt by about the 3rd round, and though I did the complete floor-up-floor movement for the first of each, I ended up dropping the bar after the second rep each time, feeling like my hands were about to be torn from my body. Other people in the gym actually thought I was injured when they saw me dump the bar like that... but no... I was just in agony. It got better when I remembered the wod was 30 seconds rest in between rounds, NOT 2 lifts every 30 seconds, a very different, harder approach!

After that, it was time to really do some work. 10 reps of the deadlift at 65% of 1RM (220#), followed by 20 double-unders. Sounds simple, right? Well, it would have been if I could have strung together even TWO double-unders... After cruising through the first 10 deadlifts, I proceeded to struggle with the double-unders for the next minute or so.  That screwed me completely for the next set of deadlifts... completely smoked, I ended up having to catch my breath at least three times (maybe more). The second set of double-unders was a little better, since I got at least 4-5 reps in a row. Wow. Rock on for me. Of course, that left me just as screwed for the 3rd round of deadlifts... which I failed to complete.

Total rounds: 2 rounds + 7 double-unders

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