Saturday, January 21, 2012

12-01-20: Ring Dips and Double-Unders

Elm City CrossFit WoD for Friday, January 20th, 2012

Camille Leblanc-Bazinet. Probably in the middle of a muscle-up, but she drives traffic. Yes, I'm getting cynical.  She's an awesome athlete, and you found this blog because of her. Deal with it. ;) (CrossFit Games)
More ring dips. By the ways, these suck so much, they rule. There is no part of the upper body these don't annhilate. A day later, you can trust me on this one... 

Double-unders. If the picture doesn't show you how much these suck, nothing will. On the other hand, thanks to Alice-Anne for hitting her FIRST double-unders on this WoD. w00t!

Left: bad form (broken, too much work being done) vs. awesome form (crisp, clean, efficient.)

WoD: 20 min
In twenty minutes, perform as many rounds of as many ring dips as possible, then knock out 10 double-unders (or 20 single-unders). Pretty simple. Good thing both movements are a pain in the tuchus, otherwise this workout might have been too easy! Heh.  As part of the WoD intro, we were instructed to be ready to scale down the difficulty of the ring dips as we fatigued, moving to band assist as needed. I ended up doing the same thing on the double-unders, as chaining them together was just beyond me during the WoD, and I ended up (as usual) scorching my lungs and legs trying to get 10 and taking too long and killing my cardio going for it. I switched to single-unders in the 5th round, and had added in band assist ring dips in the 6th.

With 6 ring-dip stations, and several people using benches as their scaling, I had a pair of rings to myself. w00t! (It's the little things...seriously!), but ended up needing to dodge 12 people's double-unders on my way to my jump-rope station. Bah! Still, nothing like dodging whirling ropes of death in the middle of a workout to keep you on your toes!

Total reps: 62 ring dips / 10 rounds 
Scalings: 32 ring dips/30 band assist (red band) and 4 rounds double-unders and 6 rounds of single-unders

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