Friday, October 8, 2010

10-10-08: Dumbbell snatches and pull-ups

CrossFit WoD for Thursday October 7th
21-15 and 9 rep rounds of:

  • Left-arm Kettlebell dumbbell snatch, 1.5 1 pood (40#)
  • Right-arm Kettlebell dumbbell snatch, 1.5 1 pood (40#)
  • Pull-ups
Mike Cazayoux 5:15, Cody Hidler 5:15, Austin Malleolo 5:16, Rob Shaffer 5:16, Kristan Clever 5:29 (1 pood), Rebecca Voigt 5:51 (1 pood), Jason Ackerman 6:45.

WOD Demo with CrossFit NRG - video [wmv] [mov]
Austin Malleolo and Jason Ackerman on today's WOD - video [wmv] [mov]
Greg Amundson 4:49, October 2005 - video [wmv]
Greg Amundson 4:39, December 2007 - video [wmv] [mov]

The kettlebell snatch involves the weight landing behind your hand, on your wrist. It is therefore quite impossible to do correctly with dumbbells. But, I tried. (
In honor of Katie's wedding this weekend. Eeeeee! (
Man, did this just start hammering away and never really stop sucking!  Its nearly an hour later, and I still feel shaky and nauseated. And its hard to type, what with my fingers all calloused and blistered up. Owwie!

Upshots were abundant, however:  Every set of dumbbell snatches was unbroken, which sort of surprised me a little bit. Even though I was using the wrong equipment (our 'powerbells,' or whatever they're called, only go up to 24#, so proper scaling required dumbbells), I tried to keep the majority of the movement the same. So while I could't "punch through" the end of the motion, I kept in the swing aspect at the bottom, and made sure to have a moment of real lockout at the top.

Pull-ups were...pull-ups.  I had a few subsets of 7 or 8 reps, but those were few and far between, and I ended the workout with a couple of really weak singles.  My hands and lats were just shot, and I could barely convince myself to step off the footpads on the 'gravitron' rip-off for the last few reps.  All bodyweight. So that was cool.

Total Time: 11:45 (Most of that was in the pull-ups for the final round. I know I was done with the first round in about 3 minutes, and the second at about the 7 minute mark. Ugh.)

Musical Accompaniment: Classic SLAYER!!! \m/

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