Thursday, October 28, 2010

10-10-28: 5K

CrossFit WoD for Thursday October 28, 2010

Run 5K
Austin Malleolo 20:01, Karianne Dickson 21:07, Heather Bergeron 22:10.

The Pose running technique demonstrated. I'm still learning the body position and physiology of this. (

After several days of rain in the big city, I thought it better to stay inside and rock this one on the treadmills. What a dope. Learned while walking across the park after work that it was BONE dry, and a lovely day, and that I probably missed the last good day for a run for the rest of the year.  Poop.

So, yadda yadda yadda, got the treadmill set-up with a 5K run, started running, all fore-foot striking and all, and managed to sail along for several minutes at a setting of 7.6, which is basically my fastest distance speed that doesn't require actually stopping the damn thing every 2-3 minutes to keep from dying. (ie, 8 is really not much fun at all...).  At some point, I went to pause it so I could adjust something, hit enter on the treadmill by accident, realized it was about to start up, hit pause, and it killed the entire session.

Double poop.

The last thing I had seen was 6:xx elapsed, and 2.3 miles remaining.  So, I got myself set, and steeled myself for the remaining distance.  About 1.5 miles in, I noticed a warmth developing in my shoes, a familiar warmth. True to form, regardless of footwear or running speed, I was developing blisters on both feet, right between the big toe and the big pad on the foot.  Every damn time.  At this point, I was doing intervals, trying to keep to .4 miles at 7.6, then .1 at 4 (a brisk walk).  With one full stop for a sip of water, I managed to keep the intervals the whole way through. I had fantasized early about sprinting out the end of the workout, but in reality, I was really happy just to still be cranking along at 7.6, and not at something slower, like 6.5, or that lovely walking speed...or slower.

I currently have pretty big blisters on both feet, and am about to do some research on preventing this crap in the future. It hurts, and it makes me walk like a saddle-sore cowboy. I am NOT a fan.  I felt pretty good about my total time for the run... I think this involved less walking than usual, and its far superior to the DNF I racked up the last time a 5K was called (but I was also struggling a lot more with the old patellar tendonitis back then, so no real surprises there.)

Total (approx.) time: 27 minutes.

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