Thursday, January 13, 2011

11-01-13: Sumo deadlifts, sumo deadlift high-pulls and push-ups

CrossFit Garden City WoD for Tuesday, January 11th, 2011
Jump rope - fast single bounce, fast run, some double-under work
Dynamic Warmup
Ring work while fresh - dips and control position, knee tucks
Sumo Deadlift 5 x 5

AMRAP in 10 minutes:

Sumo deadlift. Wide stance, hands close together. Another way to suffer. (crossfit milpitas)
Sumo deadlift high pull.  Elbows HIGHER than hands. Bar is lifted by the drive out of the bottom with the legs, not REALLY by the arms/shoulders in a pull. (crossfit queen anne)
Push-ups. Of a sort. Bottom position is hips-chest-chin to the ground. No half push-up horseshit. Top position is arms completely extended. No half push-up horseshit. STRICT planche position (hips straightened out, ie UNLIKE Annie in the middle of the pic) the WHOLE time. No half push-up horseshit. ( for one of my favorite pictures of all time, from the video link above, one of the greatest videos of all time. And YOU thought push-ups were boring...)

After another fun day of shoveling snow, including some seriously heavy lifting where a snowplow clipped the old snowbank (now seriously compacted ice) into the driveway, necessitating a crap-ton of shovel deadlifts, it was time to work out yet again.

Some jump-rope to warm up, mostly single bounces, working on the speed of the rope, as well as focusing on really turning it with just my wrists. I definitely think I need to adjust the rope again, as there is just way too much overhead, and so probably way too much on the ground when it goes underneath. Ugh.

After some dynamic stretching, I jumped straight on the rings, rather than waiting until after the workout.  Getting on fresh, I was able to hold a fairly solid control position, and even did two ring dips in a row. Wobbly, weak looking ring dips, but hey, I'm counting them!

I've done a fair share of sumo deadlift high-pulls over the past few months, but haven't actually done the heavy weight deadlift-only part of the move. Looking around online, that lack of experience might have cost me a bit, as it looks like the high-pull version of the hand-grip (about as far apart as if you had both thumbs extended and touching) is NOT what everyone does for the deadlift. Not a huge concern.  I opted for the beginner scaling offered by CF GC, since I am not well versed in the movement.  Rather than working up to a heavy 1 rep max, I would just do 5 sets of 5, with increasing weight for each set. After warming up with the empty bar at 35#, then 55#, I jumped up to 105#, then finished the warm-up with 125#.

Sumo deadlift, 5x5: 145#, 165#, 185#, 195#, 205#

My goal was to make it up and over 200#, a fairly arbitrary goal, not having worked this motion heavy before, but with a known 1RM on my standard deadlift of 285#, I wanted them to at least be in the same ballpark.  I haven't 1RM'ed the deadlift in a very long time at this point, so hopefully it's even higher now (fairly strong is a 2x bodyweight deadlift, so 420-430# for me).

After pulling the weight off the bar, I practiced a few sumo deadlift high-pulls, focusing on really exploding out of the bottom, so that the weight was almost floating up in my hands, rather than having to pull the bar up. Of course, that didn't work quite so well once I loaded up the bar. I opted for 85#, a little less than RX'ed, but I knew my lungs would explode anyways...

First two rounds were done inside of a minute, but after that, things started slowing down dramatically. Though I was able to complete each set of exercises unbroken, moving from one to the other started taking more and more time. I was shooting for at least 12 rounds, and fell rather short at 9 rounds completed (probably overtime.  It was most likely more like 8 rounds + 7 SDLHPs and 2-3 push-ups, but I forced through the final round as fast as possible, so I'm counting the full 9.)  Form on the SDLHPs started getting real squirrely in the final two or three rounds, so I really had to slow down and make sure I wasn't rounding my back in the bottom, or really starting to haul up on the bar. While that slowed down my overall speed, it was really the 'don't fall over and die' time to gasp between rounds that slowed me down completely. The muscular endurance and metabolic conditioning are definitely two HUGE gaps in my armor at this point, which *hopefully* implies they are also the things getting worked the hardest, and therefore improving the fastest.  It's just impossible to tell from inside of it.

Push-ups were solid the whole way through. If I'm still down on my met-con abilities, I am LOVING the fact that I can cue up 63 push-ups with full ROM and decent explosiveness.  Not so long ago, I would have run out of push-ups completely at about 20.  This made for a VERY nice change!

AMRAP 10 minutes: 9 rounds

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