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11-01-19: Back Squats and a met-con

CrossFit Garden City WoD for Friday January 14th, 2011
Back Squat (30X0 tempo)
 - In 20 minutes build to a heavy 3 rep max
  • 4 minutes max Calories on Rower
  • 3 minutes max Pullups/Chinups
  • 2 minutes max Back Squats, Bodyweight Front squats, 35# dumbbells
  • 1 minute max Ring Dips

Coach Rip demonstrating proper bar placement and the cue for high elbows. The arms pin the bar to the back... they do NOT support the weight. Low elbows let the weight continue to ride on the forearms rather than the back. Unfortunately, at any weight above an empty bar, it is nearly impossible to get into this correct position without a squat rack. Which we don't have. So, I did more of a *high* bar back squat. (
Ah, gasping for breath on the old Concept2. Man I want one of these in my house. (
Pull-ups. 'Nuff said. (
Exactly what I ended up doing, since by the time I got to this part of the workout, all of the bars (well, the one trainer straight bar, and both silly curl bars) were in use. Necessity is the mother of scaling on the fly, apparently. (
Ring dips. These are HARD, and I'm only just getting them, so I did the much easier "regular" dips for the workout. (

Warmed up with jump-rope and active stretching. Did a much more complete job than I did yesterday, since my failure to do a full warm-up before that workout caught up with me later that night (hello, cramping quads!).  Unfortunately, (but I guess in a kind of good way) the gym was chock full of students all doing bodybuilding techniques with an utter disregard for doing even *them* with proper technique. So, I grabbed the rarely used straight bar, some weights, and went out in the hall. Not having a proper squat/power rack in the first place, its not like this put me at much of a disadvantage.

As always with squat workouts, the weight is limited by what I can clean and jerk, catch on my back, and then shimmy into position.  What this means is that I have a snowball's chance in hell of actually attaining the proper low-back (which is still fairly high, just below the spine of the shoulder-blades) position.  I tried to keep the bar off the traps, just to minimize the wrongness, but also to keep the bar off my spine.  Easy enough for the first few sets, but harder and harder to control as the weight went up along with my fatigue.

Back squats: 65# x 8, 85# x 5, 105# x 3, 125# x 3, 135# x 3, 145# x 3
Note, I do think that 145# is probably a personal record for any sort of ground-to-overhead lift... have to check on that... I definitely felt that was the end of my abilities to get the bar back OFF my back, up overhead, and dropped down safely to the floor. Did I mention the lack of bumper plates and the shoddy floor? :D

Rowed as well as I could. I tried to focus on steady, strong pulls, not so much the speed.  I had unsteady results with this approach, but every now and then it felt like I was doing half the work while adding up twice the calories. So, there's something there, I just need to figure out how to dial it in. From the initial 30 seconds, my calories/30s only dropped off slightly over the rest of the time, though I wasn't exactly going all out and swinging for the fences. I knew pull-ups were still in my future.

Pull-ups and chin-ups I ended up alternating grips.  I would do one way to failure, rest a few breaths, then do the other to failure.  Thanks mostly to yesterday's hammering, I didn't have a whole lot of strength with either grip, so no huge news there.

Went to find the bar I so diligently (read: stupidly) put back where it belonged, only to discover that all of our bars (1 35# short training bar, 2 10# "curl bars") were in use, so I opted to sub dumbbell front squats. It worked well enough, though I would have like the intended skill practice on the back squat. Especially since doing it at a much lighter weight (it would have been 85#) would have made the rest of the process that much easier.

Dips.  Boy, these are much easier when you're NOT on the rings! So much so that I banged out 4-5 more than I was afraid I would do.  Tallies to follow soon.
Rower Calories75
Dumbbell Front Squats31
Total Reps138

After all that, I finished up with some more work on the rings. Got in 3 ring dips during the course of the cool-down, so that's pretty good.  If I keep this up, I might have a set of 5 soon enough! :D

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