Tuesday, January 18, 2011

11-01-18: Met-Con Adventure: Wallballs, Dumbbell Swings, Box Jumps and Push presses

CrossFit Garden City WoD for Thursday, January 13th, 2011
Jump rope
Active stretching
Rings - control position, dips, motion control


Wall balls. Deep squats, explosive opening of the hips, ball thrown 10-12 feet up the wall. Catch while going back down into the squat. Repeat. (crossfit.com)

Dumbbell swings. There isn't really room for both hands, so this exercise hurts in more than one way. (crossfit.com)

Box jumps. Both feet flat on the floor, jump up to full extension on the box. Step/hop down. Repeat. (elitefts.com)

Dumbbell push presses. These start to suck quickly at the best of times... so much worse after 90 reps of motions designed to tax your legs! (crossfit.com)

Total Time: 17:30

After a somewhat abbreviated warm-up (skimping on the legs... not good!) to avoid having to take up half the weight room when a student class came in, I got myself ready to go.  Wallballs, as always, went very well. Working without a depth guide allows me to get much deeper than I ever did with the chair I used to use. Clearly it was not an ideal tool for the job. Ah well.

Dumbbell swings went well enough, though I was already getting pretty gassed from the wallballs. Two mini-sets of 15, pausing to switch hands, since the grip hand gets crushed by the non-grip hand using a dumbbell for these.

Slowed down markedly on the box jumps, first by doing most of them as "jump up, step downs," to avoid irritating my knees. However, I did some with a hop up, hop down technique.  I was apparently rusty at this, since I think it slowed me down even more!

By the time I hoisted the 40# dumbbells to shoulder height, I was smoked breath-wise. I had to break them up into at least 3, if not 4 mini-sets. Each time, it got harder and harder to get the weights back to my shoulders.  Up shot was that I remembered to keep my knees tracking out over my toes on the dips, so I didn't do any major knee damage this time. Hopefully.

Final sets of the other three exercises were slow and painful, but I worked through them. Finished strong on the wallballs, only having to pause for a second or two after rep 25 just to get the ball re-situated after a truly bad catch (no squat action, so it was just a hard catch.). 

After finishing, spent a bit of time just resting and drinking water.  Followed everything up with some ring work, including another ring dip... no matter how ugly it was! ;)

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