Tuesday, June 21, 2011

11-06-17: Floor press, supine K2Es, reverse wall-balls

Elm City Crossfit WoD for June 17th, 2011
Floor press. Form alert in the pic above. Knees should be bent more, feet flat on the ground. This will help prevent any bar motion from translating into rotational torque in the midsection. That is, its safer. Arguments *can* be made that its therefor better to keep the legs straight, to increase the workout for the mid-line. Depends on your weight, rep scheme, and focus. (Crossfit North Miami Beach)
Eva T. demonstrates a perfect normal knees-to-elbow. For the supine variant, after the floor presses, put the barbell down on the floor behind your head (careful not to squash your melon!), then grip it with your hands to anchor your self, and do the same full-body crunch that brings your knees to your elbows. This variant removes some of the sticking points of the full hanging version, namely the grip and dealing with swinging as you get tired. (crossfit.com)
Backwards wallball. Somewhat easier on the throw, somewhat harder on the catch. (foothillscrossfit.com)

6 Rounds for Time:
  • 5 Floor Presses 115#
  • 10 Supine KTE
  • 15 Backward Wallball 20#

This was my first workout at Elm City Crossfit where I truly felt comfortable. Maybe just because everyone seemed a little wrong-footed by the novel variations on old standbys. Though my time wasn't smoking, I felt like I managed to keep moving through the entire workout pretty well.

Total time: 7:xx

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