Wednesday, April 6, 2011

11-04-06: Dumbell squat cleans, knees-to-elbows, burpees

CrossFit Garden City WoD for March 26, 2011
Burgener Warm-Up x2
Dynamic Stretching
21-15-9 reps of:

Dumbbell squat cleans. I end up with the weight more in front, with the inner heads of the two dumbbells pressed together, allowing me a somewhat easier time managing the weight. I need to play with squatting with dumbbells some more to keep the dumbbells apart and resting individually on my shoulders. (CrossFit Redding)
Knees to elbows. Full-body, massive suckage. Everything hurts after a few of these. Trust me. (Trinity CrossFit)
I don't even want to run a mile...much less do burpees for a mile (broad jumps rather than vertical jumps). Not even a little. (CrossFit FX)

The only thing worse than sharing a gym with a dozen students who have no idea what they're doing (and a select few who actually do) is sharing that gym with about 30 kids who have no idea why they're there. It might be time to have a chat with the athletic coaches in the school to let them know that "Go to the weightroom and workout" isn't quite enough info for these guys. The guys doing curls on the balance boards were my personal faves...

After warming up a bit and waiting for the crush to dissipate a bit, I finally got some space to myself. Our rowing machine currently has no ERG attached, so that was out, and I wasn't too excited about subbing in sumo deadlift high-pulls, seeing as how I had just annihilated my legs and upper arms yesterday with my marathon double-under practice. So, I cut it knowing that there were enough of my goats in this workout that it would NOT be like taking it easy.

The original workout called for kettlebell squat cleans, but since all of our 'powerbells' were in use, I went with dumbbells instead. Since I'm not super confident on squat cleans, except with a fairly light bar or med ball, I went medium light on the dumbbells, 35# each. It's a weight I can control, while being plenty heavy 10 reps in. Knee-to-elbows were off the back of the ever trusty Smith machine, and burpees were done in front of it.

This was a total grind. I wanted to seriously die midway through the first round, and things did NOT improve as it went on. I really think I need to do some remedial cardio/met-con work, as that seems to be my biggest weakness right now. One of my plans was to do either a Rippetoe 'Starting Strength' linear progression, or a Wendler 5-3-1 strength progression over the summer, with the kids gone. However, both of those assume you have a squat or power rack to actually allow you to do heavy squatting. We have neither. And while my strength is so-so, my met-con is abysmal. Perhaps time to rethink that plan. Maybe a CFGC or mainsite WoD in the morning, followed by the CrossFit Endurance WoD in the afternoon. Hmmm...

Total time: @19m. Total time catching breath, wishing for death: @10 minutes.
(That's an estimate, in that the total amount of work can't have been much more than 9-10 minutes...which implies an awful lot of time spent trying not to puke.)

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