Friday, April 29, 2011

11-04-28: Deadlifts and vertical jumps

CrossFit Garden City Wod for April 14, 2011
Deadlifting heavy. The only way to go.

A slick tool for measuring and comparing vertical jumps... but how do you reset it?! (

  • Jump rope, double-unders
  • Active Stretching
Workout Prep:
3 sets of:
  • Deadlift x 4 reps, increase weight each set
  • 2-3 vertical jumps to rings (determine appropriate ring height)
5 sets:
  • Deadlift (41X0) x 3-5 reps
  • Rest 10 seconds
  • Max Vertical Jump to Ring x 6 reps
  • Rest 3-4 minutes
Deadlift: Goal is to increase weight each set. If you can perform 4-5 reps with good technique, you MUST increase weight. If you can perform 3 reps, stay at that weight. If you only get 2 reps with good technique, lower the weight.
Vertical Jump: Set a ring at max vertical jump height, which you establish during the warmup. Jump and touch the ring with one hand. Rest less than 5 seconds between jumps. You can also jump to the pullup bar or the I-Beams, if appropriate.

After some good double-under work, I did some stretching, focusing on hips and hamstrings. For the warm-up sets of deadlifts, I used 125#, 195# and 245#, and set my jump height using one of the many unused air ducts along the ceiling of the room that make that portion of the gym more or less unusable for anything else.

Deadlift Work Sets:
Weights #255265275285295

I worked on really trying to keep my vertical jump height consistent. Not having a more obvious feedback like the rings suggested in the workout, I relied on the chalk fingerprints I was leaving on the air duct. Those'll be there more or less forever, until the room gets renovated and that system gets removed! ;)

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