Monday, April 11, 2011

11-4-11: Deadlifts, Push-Ups, Box Jumps

CrossFit Garden City WoD for March 30th, 2011
The deadlift. Pick up something heavy, and lock open the hip joint. It sounds SOOO easy. It ain't. (
Push-Ups. All the way down, all the way up, body in "The Position" the entire time. (
Box jumps. Jump on the box, jump down or step off the box. Repeat as needed. (

Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 15 minutes of:
Deadlift: Choose weight that allows for consistently good technique for all rounds. Shorten ROM or lighten load if unable to keep back in extension.

I was happy to see that I was consistently stringing together 8-12 double-unders at a time during the warm-up. After watching several CrossFit Journal videos last night dealing with the "hollow body" position and maintaining it during exercises such as double-unders and burpees (The Position Part I: Double-Unders and The Position Part II: Burpees), I really tried to focus on keeping those coaching points in mind. For the double-under, it meant really focusing on keeping my hands back by my hips (see my earlier post of Remedial Double-Unders for videos and analysis), keeping the spinning rope under control, and really minimizing any extraneous movements related to the actual jump. The goal is to be as close to a pogo stick (in MY mental image at least), with a vertical spring just firing you straight up off the ground. The feet shouldn't swing back, the knees shouldn't travel up and out front... just a quick, powerful pogo motion. You'd think my years of ska and punk shows would pay off more now.

The overhead squats were ok. I did the first warm-up round with the jump-rope overhead, then moved to the empty bar (35#) for the next two sets. At least today, I seemed to have a bit more shoulder mobility than usual... apparently all the overhead squats, shoulder dislocates, and other shoulder mobility work is finally starting to manifest itself!

Deadlift warm-ups were easy enough, though I was amused to note that by about 10 minutes in, I was just DUMPING sweat, even though it didn't feel like I was doing all that much work. What was work was keeping my lunch steady in my stomach. Even though I had eaten 3 hours earlier, I was still burping it up like crazy, and it felt like I might get a visit from Pukie the Clown at any moment. Unfortunately, this feeling stuck with me for the duration of the workout.

After taking some time to get more water (having already downed a LOT trying to ease my stomach woes), I set the timer and got to work. For every round, I was unbroken on the deadlifts, which while not much of an accomplishment for the actual weight, was a hell of an accomplishment for the number of reps, especially coming off of push-ups and box jumps.  For the push-ups, I was really happy to note that they were all unbroken except for the final set. Oddly, I had been feeling a weird pain in my ribs right between my pecs (I love that I don't need to say "man-boobs" anymore, by the way) for the past two days, and I had no idea what had caused it.  It hadn't really shown up in the overhead squats or deadlifts, but boy oh boy did push-ups ever light it up. I have no idea what the initial cause was, but it definitely made me very aware of the push-ups! What felt nice was knowing that the last time I had done push-ups, my max reps was nearer to 7 or 8, so repeatedly banging out 12 was kind of awesome.

Box jumps, as always, leave me pretty nervous. I've definitely narrowed down the causes of my patellar tendonopathy from last year to box jumps on a shitty surface, as well as a few really insane plyometric workouts that just kept on targeting the same damage. Box jumps were definitely part of the problem, but I really think it was a combination of silly over-training decisions alongside some of that abuse occurring on a really unforgiving floor. Using a slightly lower, but infinitely more durable plyo box on a floor that is more forgiving (the weight room floor vs. the evil "lower gym" floor), I actually tried hopping back off the box on each rep, rather than stepping down. Writing this up a few hours later, my knees are not particularly sore, and if they were, I'd still be pointing back to last week's remedial jump rope workout, since that put a lot of wear and tear on the old knees.

Unfortunately, the issues with lunch threatening to repeat on me dogged me for the entire workout. I'm not a "just puke and keep moving" type, so unfortunately, I couldn't just purge myself of the issue and refuel later. I had to fight my way through it, but that meant my occasional rests for bursting lungs were accompanied by rests for acidy death stomach.

Total rounds: 6

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