Thursday, April 14, 2011

11-04-13: "Karen"

CrossFit Garden City WoD for April 4th, 2011

Wall balls. Full squat (not well shown in this pic), then use the squat to propel the ball up to your target. It is NOT just an upper body exercise, its a full body ass-kicking. (CrossFit 908)

  • 3 sets of 10 OH Squats, 2 min double-under Practice
Benchmark! "Karen"
3 sets:

I forgot how much "Karen" can hurt. I've done it at least twice in my short time CrossFitting, and I always forget how most of these workouts are self-scaling: The harder you can throw yourself at it, the harder it will be. So whether you struggle through for 20 minutes or hit 14:30 (or even a competitive time, like 5 minutes!), you're still gonna get your ass kicked.

Total Time: 14:30

Honestly, I was just happy to beat 15 minutes, so it was all good.

The accessory exercises were actually more interesting. This workout marked the first time I successfully performed an actual glute-ham raise (from all the way down to ALL the way up, not just up to parallel.) The secret seemed to be making the foot-pads even closer to the main pad. I didn't try it again where I usually have the GHD set-up, but it was good to know. The external rotations really quickly became evil little things, especially at the tempo indicated. I felt all new parts of my back lighting up in agony...nice!

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