Tuesday, March 6, 2012

12-03-05: Wallballs and ONE burpee!

Elm City CrossFit Wod for Monday, March 5th, 2012

Wallballs. Or truck balls. Wait a minute...

Wall balls at the games! CrossFit Games

MOAR wallballs! 

For Time:
  • 75 Wallballs
  • No Drop
  • Every drop = 1 burpee @ the time of drop
Not an awful workout, if only because I managed to avoid either dropping the ball (or putting it down to rest) until the 72nd rep, when it took an iffy bounce just beyond my fingertips. One burpee and three reps later, I was done.  I did rest a bit during the workout, having split it up into a set of 30 followed by 3 sets of  15. However, instead of putting the ball down, I've worked out a way to hold it while squatting, such that I'm not hugging the ball to my chest in a standing position, like being in a bear hug, or earning extra burpees by putting it down. 

Total time: 3:31

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