Wednesday, March 21, 2012

12-03-17: Crossfit Open 12.4: Wallballs and other stuff

CrossFit Open WoD 12.4: Wallballs and other stuff

WoD: 12 minute AMRAP

  • 150 wallballs
  • 90 double unders
  • 30 muscle-ups
To the experienced eye, the first bit of this workout, the 150 wallballs, is a CrossFit workout all its own, named Karen. And if a workout has a name, you KNOW it sucks. Well, Karen does suck. I knew going into this one that I had done Karen before... twice, I think, but I refused to look at my old time. I didn't want to know... I just wanted to plow through the wallballs and start trying to chain double-unders. My warm-up raised my hopes, as i was throwing down double-unders like i was good at them or something. I needn't have worried.

I cranked out 20 wallballs, then started taking breaks every 10 reps. This held me until about 77 reps, when I missed the catch and took a few seconds to recover. 87, 94, 100. At this point, things got ugly. Despite good coaching, I kept finding myself on all fours, hovering over the ball. Sure, maybe it was good for getting some oxygen into my completely scorched lungs, but dammit, getting up was slow and took way too much energy. Total bullshit move. I may have been destroyed, but I just made it worse on myself. Lame.

In the end, with some solid coaching and a final 15 reps that nearly killed me, I hit the 150th wallball with 2 seconds to spare before time ran out. No double-unders, and I hadn't even vaguely planned on attempting any muscle-ups! Annoyed that I didn't make it to the double-unders, which might have really shot me up a little in the rankings, I was kind of bugged by my performance. Until I saw my previous PR on Karen: 14:3x. 2 and a half minutes longer. I had carved 150 seconds off my time. So, there's *that* to feel kind of awesome about. Not where I wanted to be, sure, but also further than where I had been. 

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