Thursday, June 10, 2010

10-06-10: Circuit: Row, Thrusters, Pull-Ups, KB Swings

7:00 exercise bike warm-up
Active Stretching

Circuit for time:
Row for 30 Calories
30 x 85lb Thrusters
30 x Pull-ups
30 x 55lb Dumbbell Swings
Row for 20 Calories
20 x 85lb Thrusters
20 x Pull-ups
20 x 55lb Dumbbell Swings
Row for 10 Calories
10 x 85lb Thrusters
10 x Pull-ups
10 x Dumbbell Swings
Total Time: 46:15

Today was a perfect example of how the food you eat really is the fuel that your body needs. Unless that food is total crap. Apparently, starting out the day eating cookies and drinking coffee does NOT prepare you for a full body death-blast from CrossFit.  Basically, the first round of this thing (the 30s), took me almost as long as it took Chris Spealer  to do the whole thing. I just betcha he didn't have freaking cookies for breakfast, either.  Each event of the last round was bracketed with 2-3 minutes of me just trying to get myself under control enough to actually tackle the next thing.  I'm eating some real food as I type this, and feeling the jitters/shakes/DTs passing, which is good.  Very, very good.

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