Wednesday, June 30, 2010

10-30-06: OH Barbell Walks, Wall-Balls, Dumbbell Farmer's Walk

CrossFit WoD for June 29th, 2010

5 rounds for time of:
  • 185# 105# barbell overhead walk, 40m
  • 30 Wall-ball shots, 20# ball
  • 95# barbells 80# dumbbells farmer's walk, 40m
Man, reading really IS FUNdamental.  Just finally parsed that the farmer's walk was supposed to be done with barbells.  Oh well, we don't have 3 good barbells...hell, we don't have ONE good one, so the mediocrity had to be saved for the overhead walk. It does make the picture included on the workout page make a whole lot more sense...where the dude is doing a barbell farmer's walk. Sigh...

 (image swiped from CrossFit without permission...but only to show what we *should* have been doing. I'll pull it if they ask, as I don't wish to piss anyone off unduly)

Scaled the workout as shown above. As we are limited in getting overhead merely what we can clean & jerk or snatch, we rolled the weight back.  I probably could have gone heavier, but I was really feeling it on the last two rounds during the turnarounds (we walked out 20m, turned, then back 20m), and its possible at a heavier weight I wouldn't have made it.  Next time, we're definitely going at least 125# (its a 35# bar, so that would just be two 45# plates.)  As it was, this was definitely the easiest of the exercises.

Wall balls were ok. Did the first round unbroken, then 20-10 for the next 3 rounds, and 15-10-5 for the last one.  Which was a much better fade than I expected.

Dumbbell Farmer's walk... man this, sucks. Not sure it would have been any easier with barbells, since that would require even more wrist strength, and as it was, having scaled each hand down 15# to 80#, I still almost completely lost my grip with about 10m to go in the final round.

All told, it felt pretty good to finish this. I felt I finished fairly strong, grip on the final farmer's walk notwithstanding, and managed to get about the same time as J, and since his cardio puts mine to shame, on a grind like this, its nice to feel like I'm "keeping up."

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