Wednesday, June 23, 2010

10-06-23: Thrusters and GHD Sit-Ups

CrossFit WoD for June 23rd, 2010:

Three rounds for time of:

Total Time: 15:00

So, had to scale the weight back on the thrusters, since in all my time of working out, I've done surprisingly little overhead work, so my stability on exercises like thrusters is still a work in progress.  The actual squat part of the thruster is easy enough, but keeping the arms in control and locking out at the top is where my control starts to fall apart a bit.  Also, I have trouble dealing with the dumbbells, keeping them close to the body on the way down and back up, which tends to throw off my form a bit, pulling me forward.  The more you do, the better you get...

Speaking of getting better, my GHD sit-ups are coming along,  My only issue is figuring out when and how to breathe in the middle of a set... I kept having to break things into smaller sets, just to make some time to catch up on breathing!

Entire workout felt pretty good, and I was able to more or less storm through the first two rounds, but the breathing on the second set of sit-ups did me in prior to the third round, so I gave up 2+ minutes to sucking wind.  Still, not a bad showing.  Its no 5:00+ time like Mikko Salo (2009 CrossFit Games Champion), but he's a monster, and I'm just a little Mike Wazows

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