Monday, July 19, 2010

10-07-19: "Rowing Nancy"

CrossFit The Rock WoD for July 19th, 2010

Active Stretching for Warm-Up

“Rowing Nancy”
5 Rounds For Time:
Total time: 20m

Inspired by the CrossFit Games held this past weekend, I tried to hit this as hard as I could. The workout comes from a local CrossFit box (CrossFit the Rock, Rockville Centre, NY), which though I haven't visited yet, its nice to know its there. ;)

(Mens, Affiliate Competition, Womens, and Masters Women CFG 2010 champions - a.k.a.The Fittest People on the Planet.)

My left knee started out sore, aggravated at some point this morning on the train when I had to stand the whole way in.  Sitting on the subway didn't help (duh), and neither did a walk across Central Park.  Neither did sitting at my desk working.  Active stretching and warming up seemed to relax it a bit, but I started feeling it as soon as I started rowing, and on each and every overhead squat. Glad I scaled the weight back a bit, given that the knee was distracting me a bit.

That said, if there's room for improvement, its in the rest times after each bit of this.  I could barely move after each rowing segment, and needed a few seconds to shake out the shoulders/arms after each round of squats. Either way, without the recent inspiration of the games, my time probably would have been 10 minutes longer...

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