Tuesday, July 27, 2010

10-07-27: Air Force WoD

This guy is front squatting far more than I can, and with
WAY better technique. Weight on the shoulders, not the
hands, and butt all the way below horizontal with the knees.
Perfection. (© CrossFit)

For time:
Here are the rules: Each athlete must do 4 burpees at the beginning of every minute (including at the start of the WOD) before moving on to the barbell work. The athlete is allowed to move to the next barbell skill once he/she has completed all 20 reps. If the minute clock beeps during a repetition the athlete will complete their rep and then start their four burpees. There is a 20 min time limit.

Altered rules: Due an inability to time the minutes (shy of trying to do the workout while staring at the clock, which never works for me), I opted to alter the workout substantially.  Instead of doing burpees every minute on the minute, I just did the first set of the workout with the bar, took the time from that, and did a burpee for every minute.  This no doubt led to a far faster time than I would have had otherwise, for two reasons: 1) obviously, I didn't have to do burpees in the middle of the workout. Yay!  2) I forgot to keep the timer going while doing the burpees at the end, which would have forced me to do even MORE burpees for those earned while DOING burpees! This would have actually made it far more accurate, but as I was barely able to complete them without that, I'm not feeling too worried.  I was impressed I made myself do 4 burpees per minute, rather than scaling that down along with the weight (from the Rx'ed 95#. Pshaw!).

Total time: 11 minutes, 44 burpees (sets of 10/12/12/10)
Music playlist: MegaSlayThrax - randomized selection of Megadeth, Slayer, and Anthrax, in honor of their concert coming up on October 8th or 9th (I should figure that out) at the Nassau Coliseum.  \m/

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