Thursday, July 22, 2010

10-07-22: Power Snatches, Pull-Ups, Push-Ups, Squats

CrossFit Football WoD for July 20, 2010
Complete as many rounds as possible in 12 minutes:
Not sure I really know my 1 rep max snatch, since I really have never focused on the lift.  I chose to make the best guesstimate at a heavy enough weight to make this difficult. 125#  Snatches are a beast of a movement...not that it's difficult to get the weight overhead, but it's hard to do so safely, and in control. I know I can start an attempt with MUCH heavier weight than I can actually control on top, so this seemed like a pretty smart place to start, given that the repeated-triplet following the snatches was only going to start fatiguing all the most important muscles!

Definitely watch the squat video, as there are amazing pointers in there for proper form.  Remember, if someone tells you to only squat to about a 90 degree angle, not only do they not understand the physiology of the knee, they don't understand the point of squatting.  Yes, at that point, the hamstring, hip flexors, abductors and adductors ALL come into play.  But if you're still trying to isolate your quads, you're reading the wrong blog.  Save that for the Mr. Universe competition. CrossFit is about functional strength, and unless you have an injury or a serious flexibility problem (that you are hopefully addressing), your ass should be nearly hitting your heels at the bottom.  To be fair and honest, my ham-string flexibility is crap, so I can't get that low either, but I'm at least aware of it, and working on that flexibility as much as I can.

Started out with plenty of gas in the tank, but was pretty screwed by the end of round 4.  It was so bad, I thought I had plenty of time to complete round 6, but only got through one of the triplets when time was called...where did the last 90 seconds go?!  No idea.

Total: 5 full rounds, + 2 power snatches, 3 pull-ups, 5 push-ups, & 7 squats.

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