Tuesday, September 7, 2010

10-09-07: Rowing, Front Squats, GHD Sit-ups, Box Jumps

CrossFit WoD for September 7th, 2010

Five three rounds for time of:

Scaling inspired by the fine folks at CrossFit BrandX

Jason Khalipa 14:03, Chris Spealler 14:29, Kristan Clever 14:59 (95lbs, 20" box), Rory McKernan 15:27, Peter Egyed 16:24, Elyse Umeda 16:35 (95lbs, 20" box), Kim Malz 22:44 (105lbs, 24" box).

Lotsa rowers. I want one. (crossfit.com) 

Awesome front squat technique and depth. (crossfit.com)

GHD Sit-up demo. Entire anterior (front) chain needs to contract to whip the
upper body all the way up. This does NOT isolate abs or hip flexors,
but uses the whole set of muscles together. (crossfit.com)
Much MORE than 20" box jump! (crossfit.com)

Total Time: 16:40

I forgot the fan I bring down into the airless sweatbox I work out in, and I realized after the second round that I couldn't really slow down my breathing or heart-rate at all. Decided to try plowing through round 3, and really thought I was going to pass out, so capped it there.

Opted to leave the box jumps in, since replacing them with double-unders always seems to leave me in worse shape than if I just risk my knees and go for it.  I tried to be *super* aware of my landings, and my initial post-workout soreness is very minimal, so hopefully that maintains.  If not: ADVIL!!!

I had a fairly rough week, nutrition-wise between my last workout (a week ago! EGADS!) and today, so I wasn't really surprised that I was feeling a bit sluggish. I was also up way too late last night, partially making my zone shake for the morning commute, and partially finishing a great Scientific American article.  Should have just read it on the commute.  Oh well...

I felt strong on the rowing, the front squats were full depth, and I had some mixed success getting the bar to rest on the front of the delts, as shown so amazingly in the picture over there on the left.  The weight should NOT be riding on your hands/wrists/elbows, since those structures will absorb some of the energy out of the squat, rather than directing it straight to the bar as the delts do, especially in active flexion. So that was pretty cool. GHD sit-ups were what they were.  I think every set was broken up into 10 and 5 reps, since at about 9 reps, my hips felt like they were gonna explode. I think in a good way, and I suppose I could have tried to fight through it, but with my lungs about to explode from the rowing and squats, it really wasn't that big a deal.

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