Wednesday, September 29, 2010

10-09-29: "Jack"

CrossFit WoD for September 29th, 2010
Complete as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of:

Mikko Salo 18 rounds + 10 PP, Kristan Clever 15 rounds (85lb, 1 pood, 24"), Chris Gosler 14 rounds + 3 KB, Chris Spealler 14 rounds + 5 PP, Rebecca Voigt 13 rounds + 5 PP (85lb, 1 pood, 24"), Stacey Kroon 10 rounds + 3 KB (85lb, 1.5 pood, 24"), Kim Malz 10 rounds (80lb, 1 pood, 24").


Army Staff Sgt. Jack M. Martin III, 26, of Bethany, Oklahoma, assigned to the 3rd Battalion, 1st Special Forces Group, Fort Lewis, Wash., died September 29th, 2009, in Jolo Island, Philippines, from the detonation of an improvised explosive device. Martin is survived by his wife Ashley Martin, his parents Jack and Cheryl Martin, and siblings Abe, Mandi, Amber and Abi.

Warmed up with basic bounce and running jump-rope, followed by active warm-ups. Spent some time trying to see if I could do this workout actually IN the gym, rather than out in the hallway.  I guess I got lucky, because the extreme fug of high-school boys built up in the ventless room again, and it was much nicer out in my lonely hallway!

So, this workout was clearly a medium-long length met-con blaster... I figured that in my current shape, I'd be lucky to get 10 rounds.  Turns out even that was a bit optimistic, though I felt I was going as fast as I humanly could the whole time.  I'd love to see a video of Mikko bombing through this...that must have been a sight to see.  Hell, any of the others listed up there, too!
Push press - force is started from the dip and drive in the legs, finished by the arms. (
Perfect form for the dumbbell swing. I <3 this picture! (
Oddly, just about every muscle is involved in box-jumps, especially the core. (
So, first few rounds took about 1:15 each... then 1:30... then, holy crap, 3 minutes! Of course, that included the time spent huffing, puffing, sweating, and trying to convince myself it would be ok to quit early.  I'm glad I was able to ignore that voice, but irritated it was still there.  I guess that'll be sort of a lifelong battle.  Well, ok then.

Total Rounds Completed in 20 minutes: 8

Unfortunately, I was so gassed by the end that you could actually say I did that in 18:45, I just didn't have enough left in the tank to pick the bar up again.  I would have LOVED to put up a few extra reps, but just couldn't.  The very last round of push-presses had started to really tweak my right forearm and wrist, and in the fatigue and "need-to-quit" state, I just couldn't (read: wouldn't) pick it up again.  After resting for a bit, I tried a few more push-presses and it was fine.  So. Yeah.  Stupid brain.

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