Tuesday, September 21, 2010

10-09-20: Rowing Intervals

Four rounds for time of:
  • Row 500 meters
  • Rest 3 minutes
Austin Malleolo 1:28.2, 1:27.0, 1:28.5, 1:29.1
Graham Holmberg 1:31.0, 1:33.1, 1:34.5, 1:34.4
Rob Orlando 1:27.8, 1:34.8, 1:37.3, 1:38.2
Kim Malz 2:00.1, 2:02.0, 2:00.5, 2:00.2

Rowing. More fun when it's not just you in a basement. (crossfit.com)
Check out CrossFit.com for a ton of great rowing videos HERE.

Times: 1:37.4 (PR), 1:45.8, 1:48.8, 1:49.1
Strokes/minute: 37, 36, 36, 37
This was truly painful.  I decided to go as strong as possible in the first round, not knowing how much recovery I would get over the three minutes of rest.  Easily set a new personal record for the 500m.  Usually, my times are much closer to my time on the second round, so I guess that's a good thing.  Oddly enough, each time the 3 minutes felt too long, until the 3rd or 4th stroke on the next round, when all those quick-depleting stores of energy proved that they had not quite recovered yet.  Reading a textbook on physiology and exercise, and the first chapter was all about energy stores, so my changing exhaustion during the course of the workout was actually very interesting... when I could catch my breath!

This was the first workout of the school year with the students around.  Fortunately, I was only on one machine tucked back in the corner, so I wasn't in anyone's way, and even better, they weren't in mine!  While coaching a fellow faculty/staff athlete through her Crossfit Endurance workout; I got in some good cool-down time on the stationary bike (with built-in fan...aahhhhhh), then did some basic bodyweight work.
Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine

3 full-hang strict pull-ups
3 full-range strict dips
3 L-sit pull-ups, strict (legs not touching ground between reps)

3 full-hang strict pull-ups, 20# weight vest
3 full-range strict dips, 20# weight vest
3 L-sit pull-ups, strict, 20# weight vest (failure on 3rd rep)

That marks the MOST strict pull-ups I think I've ever done (that said, with our pull-up station, all pull-ups are "mostly" strict, since there isn't room to kip without bashing your knees or hips into the dip handles, but I mean really dropping to full extension, then slowly starting the pull-up), and it felt pretty good.  My arms and shoulders were pretty beat up from the weekend (more battles with monster ivy, and toting around a sick toddler on Sunday, all day long), and they started to remind me how stupid I was to be pulling stuff like that...but what the hell. I had time to kill, the machine was open, and the L-sits were the first useful work the rotten Smith machine did all day.

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