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11-02-10: Push Jerks and a Crap-Ton of Air Squats

CrossFit Garden City WoD for January 31, 2011
Active Stretching

Strength: Push Jerk 3-3-3-3-3

Conditioning: For time:

Though this picture is apparently of the end of a push press, the point still stands: If you don't stand up all the way with the weight overhead, you haven't completed your rep. I've seen several people do a push jerk where they use a good dip to get the bar overhead, catch it in a second dip, but lower the weight before they stand up. Failed rep. Every time. (
Three good squats! Depth, vertical back... brilliance! (

I ended up skipping ahead a few scheduled workouts, as the very next one that I should have done (as programmed by the fine folks over at CrossFit Garden City) would have included a whole lot more Sumo Deadlift High-Pulls, which I just did yesterday. I understand that you can, and often will, double-up on exercises in randomish programming, but frankly, I'm 2 weeks behind in their programming, and even more frankly, I didn't want to do any more SDLHPs yet.  So, I scanned ahead a few days and found this beauty.

After working on fast singles and running step, I went for 10 double-unders to finish up. I managed to string the last 5 together, which is more than I've done together in months. So, that was pretty cool. Active stretching, focusing mainly on my tight, sore shoulders and upper back, both of which were crushed after yesterdays dips and knees-to-elbows. Then I did a few warm-ups, running through presses, push presses and push jerks, 5 of each, first with the empty bar (35#), then with 45#. Finally, I moved onto work sets. As always, each was preceded by a clean from the floor to get it going. I've been trying to pay lots of attention to my clean form, making sure I don't embed any nasty habits while focusing on the "real" exercise to be worked out.

Push Jerks: 85# / 105# / 115# / 125# / 135#

For the conditioning bit, I chose to use the nearly empty bar (45#) since that would mimic an empty Olympic bar. I wasn't sure about my ability to crank out 21 presses in a row with heavier weights, much less the push presses after a total of 175 air squats, or the push jerks after a total of 225 squats. In hindsight, I should have shot for at least 55#, as 45# really felt like the "easy" part of the workout.

Man, 100 squats is a lot. Taking only the shortest of breaks, I broke it up into sub-sets of 35, 30, 15 and 10 reps. The presses felt very easy, but I could feel my legs starting to tighten up from the comparatively long time spent just in stabilizing contraction.  The next set of squats was agony, broken up into something like 25, 20, 15, 10 and 5, or whatever the break down really was. I did the full 75, I just wasn't overly conscious of when I was stopping. Again, though, I tried to keep each break as short as possible. The last few breaks weren't all that short. Push presses were ok. I could definitely feel the soreness in my quads with every dip motion, but it didn't slow me down too much. Not when there were even MORE squats to do.

Final set of squats got a bit hairy. A goal of 25 was reduced to 20 when I couldn't convince my quads to unlock any more. After a few seconds of recovery, I started pounding out the final 30 reps 2 and 3 at a time. But I made it, dammit. Finally, the push jerks. A motion with TWO dips built in, on completely shot legs. Sweet. I ended up missing a few reps that were just push presses, so I made all of those up with proper form. I think this got broken up into 10 reps, then 7, then a final 4. This was awful...I was so happy when it was over, and fairly proud of myself for making it!

Total Time: 12:25 (Split times: 3:30, 7:55, 12:25)

Music for the met-con (very important!)
Amon Amarth - Runes to My Memory

Metallica - The Struggle Within

Metallica - The Thing That Should Not Be

Not a bad three songs in a row for a metcon that makes you seriously want to kill yourself, or at least cut off your traitorous legs...

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