Friday, February 18, 2011

11-02-18: Strict Pull-Ups, Dumbbell Swings, Ring Dips & Push-Ups

CrossFit Garden City WoD for February 7, 2011
Active Stretching
Strict Pullups
Beg: 5 sets of 5 reps
 - Scaling: Used stretch bands to assist
Rest 2 minutes b/w sets
10 6 sets of:
  • 15 KB Swings (24kg/16kg)
  • 10 Ring Dips
Push Ups instead of Ring Dips. (I ended up interspersing the two to get the most ring dips out of the workout)

Can't kip the pull-up with precious cargo aboard. And yes, this IS pretty much the final goal. ;) (

Dumbbell swings. All the motion comes from opening the hip with a rigid lower back...the arms are just chains transmitting that force to the dumbbell. If your shoulders hurt from *this* move, you're doing it wrong.(
Ring dips. Man these suck. (I think the picture is actually of the top of a successful muscle-up, which is basically a ring dip, so there. Except I can do a ring-dip, but not a muscle-up. working on it!!) (

I wasn't sure what to expect going into this workout. My arms and shoulders were still sore from Wednesday's workout (mostly (I think) the double-unders, and the sheer amount of time I spent jumping really kicked the crap out of my shoulders), plus I had gotten a DTaP booster the day before, which had really made that shoulder even more sore.  Undaunted (ok, a little daunted) I started loosening up.

I quickly realized that I didn't have the strength to do the pull-ups completely strict. I may not have room to do kipping pull-ups, but I definitely have a leg motion worked into my "normal" pull-up, and without it, I don't have much in the way of pull-ups at all!  I did the first set at body-weight, but opted to try to figure out a way to scale it slightly.  I settled on using large stretchy rubber bands like these to help get me out of the hole at the bottom of the pull-up. I suspended the band from the dip handles on the pull-up machine, which had one awesome side-effect: when I had risen about a foot, the band was more or less slack, requiring me to finish the movement at full body-weight, rather than scaled the whole time. I used the very light band for sets 2-4, but having nearly failed the final rep of set 4, I opted for a heavier band for the final round.  Again, it gave me a slight boost out of the bottom, and almost nothing after the first foot or so. Not too shabby.

Having thoroughly annihilated my shoulders, I prepped for the rest of the workout: rings set up on the Smith machine, and a 50# dumbbell.  Going into it, I knew I didn't have anywhere near 100 ring dips. Or push-ups for that matter. I didn't know how many rounds I was going to do, I just knew I wasn't necessarily shooting for 10 full rounds. 15 swings later, I approached the rings. 10 ring dips later (6, 3, then a final 1) I was done with the first round...and it wasn't as bad as I had thought.

Round 2 kicked my ass. 15 swings, no problem, but my shoulders were still shaky from the ring dips, so I busted out push-ups instead. By the tenth push-up, I was so gassed I could barely get off the floor. 15 swings again, then back to the rings. I banged out 3 dips before falling off the rings, so i decided to finish out the round with push-ups.  By the fifth round, I couldn't even get a single ring dip, my shoulders and pecs were so sore. Massive tricep agony had kicked in as well, which certainly didn't help. I ended up doing all 10 reps as push-ups, mostly broken up into 1 or 2 reps at a time. I really thought I was done.

I staggered over to the dumbbell, got it going, thinking maybe I'll be done after this... 6 rounds of swings, 5 of ring dips and push-ups? Not too shabby.  After finishing with the swings, I made my way over to the rings...gave them a nice long look, stretched out a bit around the frame of the Smith machine, and hopped up onto the rings. 4 ring-dips later, I was back on the floor finishing the push-ups. THAT was the end of the workout. I was so exhausted I could barely get up, but it was totally worth it.

Round 123456Totals
Dip/Push-up Split10/00/103/72/84/60/1019/31

Of course, now the DTaP arm feels like I got hit with a baseball bat... so that kind of sucks...

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