Friday, February 11, 2011

11-02-11: Power Cleans, Dumbbell Swings and Jumping Chest-to-bar Pull-ups

CrossFit Garden City WoD for February 1, 2011

Power Cleans
 - Build to a heavy triple in 15 minutes

Conditioning:3 rounds for time:

The power clean. Floor to shoulders. Fun in small doses. Not that much fun 40 some-odd reps in. (
Dumbbell swings. Like kettlebell swings, but without the handy handle. (
Now THAT'S a chest-to-bar pull-up. Awesome. (

Went into this one with a very thorough warm-up, as my legs were completely shot from yesterday's air squat assault. Jump-rope focused mainly on simple techniques, with only a few double-unders worked in to finish out the set. Full active-stretching, making damn sure my quads got some good loving. After that, two run-throughs of the Burgener warm-up made sure that most of me felt good to go.

For the power cleans, the idea was to shoot for a heavy set of 3 power cleans. I forgot to look at my previous records for cleans, so I didn't actually have a good idea of what I was shooting for. I did know off-hand that my heaviest *squat* to date, which required a clean & jerk to actually get the weight onto my shoulders in the first place, was 185#. Therefore, that became my goal. However, I also failed to plan out HOW to get there, and ended up taking too many small steps on my way to my goal, and ended up running out of time. After warming up with the empty bar and 55#, I successfully completed triplets with all of the following weights:

Power Clean Triple: 75# / 85# / 105# / 125# / 135# / 145# / 155# / 165# / 175#

In the attempt to get to my goal of 185#, the final three rounds ended up being nearly a met-con, since I wasn't resting nearly enough between sets. Truly stupid. The only upshot is that if I was able to complete triplets of 155#, 165# and 175# in about 2 minutes total, I could theoretically have easily hit 185# with a more well-planned out workout. Next time, Gadget, next time.

After a whole lot of rest, I tackled the conditioning element. Not having kettlebells that rank as heavy, I opted for a dumbbell. I at first figured I would go kinda/sorta light, but everything under 50# felt way too light. Fearing for what was left of my quads, I set the timer running.  About 10 minutes later, I was so happy to be done it HURT. Seriously...

Total Time: 10:10 (Split times: 3:15 / 5:55 / 10:10)

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