Wednesday, February 23, 2011

11-02-23: Wall Climbs, Toes-to-Bar and Box Jumps

CrossFit Garden City WoD for February 9, 2011
AMRAP in 20 minutes of:
Ring practice - dips, push-ups, pull-ups

Wall climbs. They seem so easy until you do them. Chest to the floor, then walk your feet up the wall as you walk your hands towards the wall. Chest to the wall. Reverse. Repeat. (
Excellent toes-to-bar form. Mine looks more like someone just tazed me in the butt, but I'm working on it. In the last two rounds, i really focused on trying keep my legs straight, to really differentiate the toes-to-bar from the the knees-to-elbow, which while similar, are definitely different.(
It would be nice to have proper boxes for to jump on. We have two real ply boxes, but they are each too short, but together are too tall. However, a wobbly stack of "step" boxes works just fine, provided you can find a flat spot on the floor to put them where they won't topple over as you soar up to the top.   (

Nothing like a nice simple triplet for a nice easy workout. No killer strength stuff, no super-complex skill work.  Just... climbing up a wall backwards, full body hanging sit-ups, and jumping kinda high. Repeatedly. Oh yeah, and I've never done wall climbs. Upshot is that the technique is just a stricter version of how I get set to do handstand push-ups, but still: they were freaking hard.

After doing one wall climb, just to check the reality of it (ie, make sure I could even do one), I set the clock running. Unfortunately, at about the 14 minute mark, as I was about to move into my 4th round (I was hoping for 5-6, but when the first took over 4 minutes, i realized how silly THAT goal really was.), a friend walked in who doesn't know about timed workouts or AMRAPs or any of that, and he wanted to take a minute to discuss me programming workouts for him. So as not to be too rude (and in the hopes of turning him into a potential client, I STOPPED THE CLOCK.

A few minutes of conversation later, plus a quick water break, I decided that, rather than restarting the clock, I would do an entire 4th round. Given my speed prior to the stoppage, that wasn't overly likely. This way, I would pay for my brief rest with increased output. Not perfect, but it could have been worse, too. At that moment, Slayer came to my rescue.
Slayer - Reign in Blood (Still Reigning DVD)

My goal was to finish the round in the time it took for the album version of Reign in Blood to play. With that in mind, I set to work.

I missed it by ONE boxjump. That one got done to the intro to some DragonForce song or other. All in all, not too shabby.

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