Thursday, February 24, 2011

11-02-24: Push Jerks, Rowing, More Push Jerks

CrossFit Garden City WoD for February 10, 2011
Jump rope
Active Stretching
Burgener Warm-Up x2
Push Jerk or Push Press
 - Quickly build up to a heavy triple in 10 min
5 sets:
  • Push Jerk or Push Press depending on competency in Push Jerk. Use whichever allows for heaviest weight used with sound mechanics.
  • Complete an all out 1 minute effort on the rower. Immediately head over to your barbell and get it overhead.
  • Use your heaviest triple from Part A for your first set. Try to increase every set thereafter.

The sequence of the push jerk, with some added spiciness courtesy the addition of the split in the second part of the lift.(
I count at least 12 C2 rowers in this picture. That's at least 12 times as many C2s as we have. Jealousy!!!(

Very sore and tight in the chest and shoulders from yesterday's wall climbs, but willing to throw down again. Especially with a friend whom I'm trying to woo over to CrossFit. Today might have done it. Repeated cleans leading to push presses and push jerks, as well as rowing like crazy followed by more cleans and push jerks! Who wouldn't want to do that rather than some treadmill work followed by crunches and push-ups?!

Warmed up fairly thoroughly, and got to work. Having run the Burgener Warm-Up a couple of times, I was already feeling pretty comfortable with the bar, so jumped straight to 85# for a quick triple. I moved through 105#, 115#, 125#, 130#, and finally topped out at 135#. The weight was feeling heavy, the need to do a full push jerk was becoming more evident, and most of all, my wrists were really starting to hurt! Must look into lifting wraps.

I set-up the rowing machine to do a 1:00 interval, and made sure I had the 2.5# and 5# plates at both ends of the barbell. I know Graham Holmberg (CrossFit 2010 Games champion) has discussed the benefits of lifting while tired, but this would be my first time handling actually heavy weights in a state of fatigue. Each round of rowing was completed against the pace of the one preceding it, other than the first one, obviously. I kept the barbell at 135# to start, planning on moving up 5# each round. Results were as follows:

calories rowed2423252627
push-jerk weight135#140#145#150#155#

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