Saturday, February 25, 2012

12-02-25: CrossFit Games Open 12.1

CrossFit Games Open Workout 12.1 - February 25th, 2012

The burpee standards: Chest and hips to the floor, touch the target with both hands. Repeat as needed.

A cool solution to not having enough targets around: 2.5# weights suspended from the ceiling. Genius!

WoD: 7 minutes - Burpees
 - As many reps as possible

Official CrossFit workout description:

Burpees. Damn it.

Upshot on the standards: Chest and hips to deck, touch a target suspended 6" over your outstretched hands. Nothing about HOW you get down to the deck, or get back up. Both hands have to touch the target, but other than that, the standards are pretty freaking basic.There would be just one huge problem...

Sadly, after the epic leg catastrophe that was Wednesday's workout, my legs were still at about 40% by the time Saturday morning rolled around. (You should have seen me limping around on Thursday and Friday!) After commiserating with everyone else who went through the Leg Catastrophe while trying to roll the agony out of my legs, it was time for the rest of the warm-up. It did NOT go well.

After going over the pretty damn simple standards, as well as how to accurately count and no-rep another athlete while they perform the workout, it was time to find a station to suffer in. After quickly ruling out any of the pull-up stations (a preferred choice, since the target for the jump can't be set swinging with an ugly touch), since apparently I'm just too damn tall, it was time to settle for some Olympic rings set far off the ground. Well, 6" above my outstretched hands... but by mid-workout (and in hindsight) they may as well have been 20 feet off the ground.

I was lucky enough to have one of the Elm City coaches as my counter, and not just that, but one who takes the concept of official efforts and no-repping a failed attempt seriously: Bobby "Wheels" Wheeler. And what luck, he was in a bad mood from being crippled by one of his own recent workouts. Heh.

Finally it was time for the workout to start: 7 minutes of hell. w00t!

About 10 reps in, the little bit of breakfast I had had a few hours earlier immediately made its presence known, and would be a constant reminder for the rest of the workout. You be damn sure that slowed me down a little bit, but not so much as the legs of stone and lungs of fire. I had a few missed reps, where I jumped and missed the rings, usually more because of having migrated too far from the rings to reach out for them on the jump. Lame, but at least I didn't have to hit the deck again to restart the rep. I just had to jump again. Bah.

At about the three minute mark, I had 30 reps, but I was hurting, badly. Whereas I went into the workout with the hopes of hitting at least 70 reps (10 a minute), or even better, 77 reps. At that point in the workout, I just wanted to double my score, at least 60 reps. I'm proud to say I hit my goal with 2 seconds to spare. All in all (and compared to the leaderboards on the games website) its a shitty score... but for me, and where I was when I first showed up at ECC 8 months ago, its actually shockingly good progress. Its hard to remember to track your OWN accomplishments, and compare against yourself in the heat of competition. Yeah, a college lacrosse player and wrestler who never let himself get out of shape may have doubled my output... but with those credits, why the hell shouldn't he?! 60 is damn good for me, and though I wanted more, I'm totally proud of them. ;)

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