Thursday, April 29, 2010

10-04-27: Push-ups, Pull-Ups, KB Swings, Sit-ups

CrossFit WoD for April 27th, 2010:
For time:
   30 Handstand push-ups
   40 Pull-ups
   50 Kettlebell swings, 1.5 poods
   60 Sit-ups
   70 Burpees

This being my first workout after dealing with my knees (see earlier posts), I decided from the beginning that I probably wasn't going to do any burpees, and ended up keeping that promise! Subbed elevated-foot pike push-ups for the HSPUs, and added about 50# of assistance to the pull-ups after 25 or so. Otherwise, did the workout as Rx'ed = 15:12

Started out with very gentle rowing, since I wasn't sure if that would trigger the knees or not. It apparently didn't, but by the time I was done with the kettle bell swings, things were tightening up again. I've been wearing the AirCast Cryo Cast knee for the past two days, for about 30 minutes for each knee.  That's about the usual time before it needs to be refreshed with fresh water from the cooler... but I believe I've done reading to the effect that you shouldn't be chilling joints much longer than that anyways, so no worries there.

Between the icing, stretching, and taking it easy, the knees are definitely feeling progressively better. I can now make it downstairs in the morning without feeling like I'm just going to fall down them when the one leg refuses to bend because of the stiffness and pain!  Yay, healing!

On the downside, my attempt at making a few bucks off this thing are being thwarted by the Amazon Associates dealie refusing to finish 'initializing,' thus allowing me to show you some crap from Amazon that you probably don't want. Not that the program isn't cool, but really, (holding up a picture of me), would you really buy something like that from a guy who looks like this?!

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