Saturday, April 10, 2010

Updates coming, I swear!

No, I'm not dead, just haven't had a chance to update this recently.  Last few workouts have been (mostly so I remember later)

Tuesday, April 6: Dumbbell C&Js/Weighted Pull-ups

Thursday, April 8: Run 800m/150 Double-Unders/50 Burpees

Friday, April 9: Run 1600m, rest 3 min., run 1200m, rest 2 min., run 800m, rest 1 min., run 400m

Feeling sore, and a little blistered after the running, but kudos to me for doing 2.5 miles in Samba-style indoor soccer shoes, *not* running shoes.  Definite muscle tightness in the quads, but WAAAY less shin/ankle pain than I'm used to with any kind of running, much less some pretty solid distances, even for me!  Updates and specific results/times when the opportunity presents itself!

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