Tuesday, August 3, 2010

10-08-03: Double-Unders and Wallball 2-for-1s

CrossFit WoD for August 2nd, 2010

Three rounds for time of:
(Scaling courtesy the fine folks at CrossFit BrandX.  See my previous post regarding the importance of quality scaling...)

So, for those of you who read this, you know I've been having some on-going knee soreness, located primarily in the patellar tendon (front of the knee, under the knee cap).  Well, my guess is that earlier this year, I beat the crap out of my legs with lots and lots and LOTS of good-intentioned box jumps and jump-roping.  Its no coincidence that this condition is usually referred to as 'Jumper's Knee.'  Part of the problem is definitely my too-tight hamstrings, since stretching them radically lessens the soreness at the knees.  However, to facilitate healing, I've made a point of NOT re-aggravating the soreness...at least not on purpose.  Occasionally though, I do like to suck it up and bang it out.  One of the possible (I hope...) upshots of this approach is that by triggering a little more possible damage, I also stimulate the body to further heal the existing damage.  The tendons are NOT well supplied by blood, so they don't heal nearly as well as muscles do, and there is a fair body of literature out there recommending this approach.  I like it, because I don't need to be quite so patient in waiting forever to heal. :S  We'll see what happens.

As for the workout, something awesome happened today... I started being able to string double-unders!  Whereas in the past, I was able to occasionally put together two or three without needing to do a basic bounce (or 3) to set-up, today I had 22 in the second round, plus 15s and 10s in each of the others!  I'm not sure I was breathing during that accomplishment, since each string of double-unders was followed by me heroically gulping for breath... but still!  The Wallball "2-fer-1"s were a bit more complex than singles, but weren't actually that tough.  Definitely the easier part of the workout for me...but I'm sure if I had full control over the rope, the two efforts would have been more equal.

Total time: 12:10

Other than the time to recover from actually stringing together the double-unders, I felt like I really stormed through this one.  Honestly, the unstrung double-unders took up the most time, and resetting after repeatedly whipping myself in the shins with a VERY fast rope! :S  OK, gonna go stretch out my hamstrings in the name of helping to avoid crippling knee pain! Wish me luck!

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