Monday, August 16, 2010

10-08-16: Wall-balls and Low-hang squat snatches

CrossFit WoD for Monday, August 16, 2010

Three rounds for time of:
Mikko Salo 8:58, Kristan Clever 10:30 (16lb ball, 45lb barbell) Jason Khalipa11:19 (2009 Games), Carey Kepler 11:01 (14lb ball, 45lb barbell, 2009 Games), Becca Voigt 12:00 (16lb ball, 45lb barbell).

CrossFit 801 does today's WOD - video [wmv] [mov]

From the vault: 2009 CrossFit Games coverage, Mens and Womens couplet event.

OK, this looked a LOT easier on paper (screen?) than it was to actually do.  First of all, early admission of guilt...after doing 30 wallballs, I was more or less unable to do a single squat snatch where there was a real, deep, ACTUAL squat. Even when I tried to turn it into a power snatch - overhead squat combo, I just couldn't get any real depth on the squats.  So, had this been the 2009 games couplet, I would have either been disqualified or handed a DNF on this workout (Did Not Finish).  Either would have sucked.  Lesson learned: In addition to doing the WoDs, I need to take some time to work specifically on form, not just throw exercises that I'm at best mediocre at, into timed workouts.

My wall-balls were excellent, however.  I fired them higher up the wall than usual, to make up the extra .5 foot, which definitely called for a little extra "oomph" on each rep. Destroying my squat snatch abilities. But I think I already touched on that. :S

Total time: 16:50

A good chunk of that time (probably 4-5 minutes) was dedicated to me trying to get through the final round of snatches.  Whereas on the earlier sets, I was able to do 10, take a few breaths, then repeat that for the next 20 reps.  On the final round, which was started with a minute of recovery after the final wall-balls, I managed 10, stopped to catch my breath, then had to deal with just standing up. After doing my best figher pilot pulling Gs impression (squeezing leg muscles to get blood back up to my brain), I squeezed out 8 more reps. More heavy breathing.  Tried to only take 5 controlled breaths, which turned into 10.  Managed 5 more reps.  More uncontrolled panting, then a few controlled breaths, before finally knocking out the final 7 reps.

To quote Gilda Radner as Roseanne Roseannadanna: "I thought I was gonna *die*!"

Today's Musical selections: Inspecter 7, The Interpreters, Ani DiFranco, Bad Manners, Soul Coughing, Letters to Cleo, New York Ska Jazz Ensemble, Less Than Jake, The Blue Hawaiians, Easy Big Fella, G. Love & Special Sauce.  Yeah, it was a late '90s kind of workout!

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