Monday, August 9, 2010

10-08-09: "SQT:" Barbell Ground to Overhead and Running

CrossFit WoD for August 9th, 2010

Three rounds for time of:

Dave Lipson 2:57, Rob Orlando 2:58, Eric Magee 3:07, Chris Spealler 3:19, Jason Leydon 3:32, Denise Thomas 3:35 (65lbs), James Hobart 3:48, Peter Egyed 3:50, Kristan Clever 5:27 (95lbs), Rebecca Voigt 5:40 (95lbs).

WOD Demo with Chris Spealler - video [wmv] [mov]
WOD Demo from Hybrid Athletics - video [wmv] [mov] (<-- highly recommended watching, includes Dave Lipson's and Rob Orlando's efforts)

Well, I was all set to do this one more or less as Rx'ed, when I got booted from the gym I was going to be running in.  So, with very limited space at my disposal, I opted to swap jump rope for the running, and made up an arbitrary amount of jumps to complete.  Adding in the double-unders really screwed my time, as I was completely unable to do ANY by the time round 3 rolled around! :S

A "Ground-to-overhead" is actually exactly what it sounds like. Get the barbell from the ground to lockout overhead however you can or want.  It can be a clean & jerk, a snatch, a power snatch, a continental clean & jerk... as long as by the end of the move or moves the weight is up on fully extended arms overhead, you did it!  Thankfully, 95# is well within my power snatch range, so that's what I opted to do.

Total Time: 8:15 

I definitely lost a lot of time struggling to get my double-unders going.  I think had I been running, I would have been able to get it down to at least 7 minutes (even stumbling, you can keep moving...repeatedly disentangling the rope from your feet when you can barely stand seems a lot harder).  You'll notice that's still more than a minute slower than even Rebecca Voight or Kristan Clever's the same weight! There's a reason Kristan just got crowned 'Fittest Woman on the Plant' at last month's CrossFit Games!

Erica Kroon, CrossFit Boston - the Double-Under

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