Wednesday, August 18, 2010

10-08-17: Interval Running in Central Park

CrossFit Wod for August 17th, 2010

15 rounds for distance of:
  • Sprint 20 seconds
  • Rest 40 seconds
Start each round at previous round's end point.

Kristan Clever 1mile 210meters, Becca Voigt 1mile 50meters.

Total distance: ~1580 yards (just under a mile...dammit!)

Music for tracking the intervals: 
St. Jude's Orgy - Bible Launcher (0:20)
Open Sky - Flash (0:40)
Champs Fanfare - The Fucking Champs (0:20)
Open Sky - Flash (0:40)
Repeat as needed.

You can also visit my profile here for further listening inspirations.  I warn you, I have eclectic tastes!

First few intervals, I felt really strong.  My foot tempo was quick, I wasn't reaching out ahead, I was trying to pull my feet up with hamstrings rather than pushing back too far.  All in all, pretty good (I think...most likely the CrossFit Endurance crew would have a LOT to say about it...but still better than it used to be, so whatever!)

By about the 5th or 6th interval, I had lost count, and not knowing how many more chances I would have to make it a full mile, I tried to run all out.  However, by about then, my distance per interval had dropped precipitously.  Given that my first distance was about 220 yards, and that my total was 1580 yards, implying an average of just over 100 yards per interval, clearly lots of those distances were actually LESS than 100 yards...ugh.

One problem was that the music I chose was not stuff I was intimately familiar with. I picked them for the time durations, not because I knew them inside and out. Consequently, I would lose a few steps when the 0:20 songs started up, not knowing exactly when the start would be. However, given the slow pace I had on the later intervals, I doubt that had too much of an effect.  But still...

Finishing up writing this the next day, and I'm sore in what I think are all the right places. Ankles, calves, glutes and adductors are shot (some of that may be from the wall-balls and squat cleans in the previous day's workout. However, I'm happily not crippled, though I have had to try to stretch out my hammies and calves a lot since the running to keep my legs from locking up completely.  Oddly enough, though not actually sore, my hip flexors are also VERY tight. Makes some amount of sense, if my form was correct enough to de-emphasize the quads, the flexors would have a bit more work to do with each stride. I guess. :S All told, my knees were pretty good though, especially the left, which was a VERY nice surprise.
Reasons for running rather than jogging. 'Nuff said.

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