Tuesday, March 1, 2011

11-02-28: Turkish Get-Ups, Met-Con Triplet

CrossFit Garden City WoD for Thursday, February 11, 2011
Jump Rope
Dynamic Stretches
Burgener Warm-up x2 35#

Turkish Get Up
 - In 15 minutes build up to your heaviest triple

3 rounds for time:
  • 50 lateral barbell hops
  • 21 Ball Slams
  • 6 Band Chest to Bar Pull-ups or 12 Jumping CTB Pullups

Sig Klein does a picture perfect Turkish Get-Up, provided we ignore the weird picture in the middle. I seriously can't make that one work at all in this series. (oldtimestrongman.com)

Med-ball slams. Full extension overhead, down to a squat on the release. It's the proper range of motion that makes these a total beast. (CrossFit Sacramento)

Band assist Chest-to-Bar Pull-ups. This is what I did for the first round. (CrossFit Threshold)

As always on days with a ton of students in the gym, I found myself cutting corners trying to just the get workout in, much less done perfectly. Warm-ups were greatly curtailed in the interest of holding onto the gear I had "reserved" (read: piled around me), rather than repeatedly having to tell students to wait. I don't want to keep them from working out, even if they are doing useless activities that barely count as "exercise."  Making sure that at least my shoulders were pretty well stretched and good to go, I quickly moved through jump-rope (trying not to whip anyone with it), active stretching, and twice through the Burgener warm-up. After that, I cleared a little bit of room, and hoped I wouldn't be tripped over while prepping for the TGUs.

Started at 35#, knowing that I should be able to do that fairly easily, and was happy to be proven correct. I handled 40# and 45# pretty well, too, though I had some issues starting the sit-up portion of the movement at 45#. Moving to 50#, this became even worse. I need to head back into the CrossFit archives of movement how-tos and see if there's any tips on initializing the movement under weight.(Yup, I've been doing it wrong. Thanks for the corrections, Jeff!) Though they were slow and painful, I did manage to squeeze out a triple of TGUs at 50#, which is a new PR for me, single AND triple, I think. So that was pretty awesome.

After putting away the dumbbells and trying to catch my breath for a bit, I set myself up with a barbell, loaded with 45# for the lateral jumps. I would have loved to do the double-unders as Rx'ed, but the reality of that would just have ended up with me in an ice cast again, or at the very least, taking 2 hours to complete what's clearly supposed to be a fast met-con. I also opted to scale the reps for the lateral jumps. 100 would have been grueling, and not being 100% sure of my knees, even now, I didn't want to find out mid-way through that I had made a massive miscalculation. So, I figured, do the 50, but hit them HARD. Which I did. As much as my lungs of fire would let me. :D

First round, I managed to keep the first 42 lateral jumps unbroken, and just *thought* about breaking up the set, and suddenly realized I HAD. Rotten brain. Quickly banged out the remaining 8 jumps, grabbed the med-ball, and banged out the first 21 slams. I had set up our gravitron-like pull-up machine with a very light-weight rubber strap, hoping to do 6 slightly assisted C2B pull-ups, with the strap only really helping at the bottom of the hole. So, 6 super strict but NOT C2B pull-ups later, I decided to switch (if I could) to jumping C2Bs on the Smith Machine frame.

Second and third rounds, the lateral jumps were broken up, but with minimal rest times included. Usually it was more to reset a bit to make sure I didn't just trip over the bar on the next jump! Med-ball slams were unbroken for all sets, which I felt rather good about. However, watching concrete dust come out of the seams in the rubber matting was a bit disturbing, since I was doing them somewhat near the already existing sink-holes in the concrete (apparently, "ash concrete" should NOT be used in a gym, and repeatedly dropped weights (NOT all me, as the hole was there when I got to the school) have punched holes in the concrete around the room. Safe!

Second round of pull-ups, I was able to move over to jumping pull-ups, but in my fatigue, didn't realize I was facing the wrong way on the Smith machine, and on the final rep, cracked my skull on the frame. That sucked a bit, but it was at least a glancing blow, so it could have been MUCH worse. Final round, facing the right way, was MUCH safer! Both of those rounds were broken up, usually into sets of 3 or 4 as needed. Usually it was to reset the legs and make sure I wasn't just bombing into the bottom of the negative and screwing up my shoulders, which were already feeling a bit "tweaky" after the TGUs.

Total time: 8:45

Post-workout, did some playing around on the rings, slung off the back of the Smith machine. Several dips, static holds, knee lifts and L-sits later, my shoulders and pecs were fully smoked, making today a total success! ;)

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