Wednesday, July 6, 2011

11-07-06: Back squats and jump-rope

Elm City Crossfit WoD for July 6th, 2011
New roller and warm-up - 3 rounds:
  • Roller – rd 1 only
    • VMO & Adductors
    • TFL
    • Gastroc
  • “Core” Movements
    • Supine Bridge
    • Cobra
  • Active and Reactive Movements
    • Banded Hamstring / Biceps Femoris Stretch
    • Banded Kneeling Hip Flexor Stretch
    • *Hops
    • Power Step-up

Back squat. With WAY more weight than I'm comfortable even counting! (
Double-unders. I USED to be able to do these. Dammit. (

Strength: Back Squat 6 x 3
  • 2 sets @ ea of the following: 80, 85, 87% of 1RM
  • After each set: 17 double-unders or 34 single-bounces
After working through the new warm-up, including some nice targeted foam rolling, yoga-type moves, mobility wod band-assisted stretching, and some plyo moves. If only it included some double-under practice... but more on that later.

After reviewing our back squat techniques and approaches, we got ready to do 6 sets of three reps, two at 80%, two at 85% and two at 87% of our one rep max. Still not having an official 1RM, we (Coach Vin and I) settled on an estimated 1RM of 245#, leading to percentages of 195#, 210#, and 215#. It turns out, sets of three squats at those weights are pretty easy, which means my 1RM might be substantially higher....which would be awesome.

Double-unders. I don't haz them. 204 single-bounces later (in sets of 34 after each set of squats), I tried to work on them after the workout. It was NOT successful. I'm thinking I want to leave my jumprope in the car, since I just couldn't figure out which rope at ECC would actually work for me, which just goes to show how bad I am at double-unders that I would need a single specific rope. Any manufacturers or distributors looking for an unbiased review, let me know. I'd love to try out the options available.

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