Friday, July 29, 2011

11-07-29: Bench Press

Elm City CrossFit WoD for July 29th, 2011
Bench press. Notice the back arch, and the weight directly over her upper chest (NOT her neck or bottom of the ribs. The bar should travel completely vertically.) Four points of contact: Feet on the floor, hips on the bench, shoulder blades retracted on the bench, hands on the bar, all forming an arch that protects the lower back, and helps channel strength and stability from the feet/hips to the shoulder/bar ends of the body. (CrossFit One World)

Max Strength: 3-3-2-2-1

Bench @ 92%

I do love a nice, straight-forward workout every now and then. Strength focus days really let you dial it in and focus on just one skill, just one thing at a time. Lovely...

After looking back at previous max efforts, I realized that my maxes were already in the 3-5 rep range (ie, no real 1 rep max to calculate from). My previous personal record had been 175# for 3-5 reps, resulting in a calculated 1RM of 192#, so that's where I started my work sets, after warming up extensively.

However, after the first round seemed a bit easy (well, I didn't cry or wet myself, which a "92% for three reps" really CAN trigger), I opted to up the weight to 185# for the remainder of the workout. However, even at that weight, I never felt in danger of missing a rep, so I conceivably could have come up even more. Never (yet) having worked for a real one rep max on the bench, I just really have no good measure yet, so I'm still flying in the dark. My new calculated 1RM is 208# using today's weights. Had I really pushed it today, that C1RM might have been as high as 219#, which would be exciting as far as closing in on a bodyweight bench press. That would be pretty slick. ;)

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