Wednesday, August 17, 2011

11-08-17: Walking Lunges, Farmer Carries, and Tire Flips

Elm City CrossFit WoD for Wednesday August 17th, 2011
Walking lunges. I thought these would be the worst and I was RIGHT! Shorter strides hurt the knees, and you need to do more. Longer strides are easier on the knees, you get to do less, but they are also a bit harder. No way to win this one. (
Farmer's carry. Note the pain face. It is accurate. We did kettlebells or dumbbells, with are markedly easier than barbells. And with far lighter weights. (
Tire flips! This is how I felt on the lighter tires. However, I was unable to even budge the biggest tire, so at least there's room to grow! (

WoD: 2 Rounds-Rest as needed between each
  • 200m Walking Lunge
  • 200m Kettlebell Farmer's Walk 55#
  • Tire Flips 7, 5, 3 (<- refers to increasingly heavy tires, and the number of flips required)
Walking lunges were everything I feared. Just awful. The burning in the quads, the burning in the glutes, the ever-tightening hip-flexors. Just brutal. This was the slowest part of both rounds, and the slowest to recover from, obviously.

The farmers walk (done with 55# kettlebells) was kind of hard, but more just for grip and shoulder issues. Had to rest once on the first round and twice on the second go-round, but overall not too shabby.

Tire flips. Finally. The 2 lightest tires were almost painfully easy, the heavier tire was sort of tough, but easy enough for the three reps called for. For the second round, I tried the heaviest tire. I barely got the edge off the ground, but I think my form was all wrong. While I was able to easily deadlift the lighter tires, I think the heaviest one requires more of a horizontal start, judging by the pictures I found online. I'll have to play with that a bit, and do some more research.  Still, awesome to cross something else off the list! 

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