Wednesday, August 3, 2011

11-08-03: Pull-ups and double-unders

Elm City CrossFit WoD for Wednesday, August 3rd, 2011
(Click to enGamesenate) Annie Sakamoto (center), one of the original CrossFit bad-assed women, demonstrates how many muscles can be brought to bear on a good kipping pull-up at this past weekend's CrossFit Games. Sadly, we were doing deadhangs, which means no kipping, which means no using hip drive and momentum to get above the bar. I'd complain, but I can't do a kipping pull-up anyways. Meh. (
(Click to enhugenate) Double-unders at the 2011 Games South East Regional team event. I don't know the athlete, but his form is PERFECT. Body is vertical, there's no mule-kicking, wrists and hands are fully out to the side... perfect. (

  • 3 rounds for time
    • 10 Double Unders
    • 2 Deadhang Pull-ups
  • ~2min Recovery~
  • 3 rounds for time
    • 4 DHPU
    • 20 DU
Went into this workout feeling pretty good. I hadn't worked out since the Friday before, and rather being sore from previous exertions, I was sore from lack of exertions! Or maybe I've just been sleeping funny. I'm honestly not sure. I made sure I was wearing my Pumas, as they have a nice smooth sole, less likely to catch the jump-rope on the double-unders, and I made sure I had my own jump-rope, too. It's not all that special, but it gets the job done, and I can't seem to do double-unders with any of the ropes at the gym.

I struggled to chain the double-unders a bit, but still managed to knock out 10 faster than the group (recovering from a 24 hour race over the weekend) doing 10 sit-ups instead. However, they could inevitably knock out the 2 pull-ups faster than I could, so we were all hanging neck and neck. I finished the first round in 1:20.

Not surprisingly, the 2 minute rest flew by, and we were into the longer round. I opted to go band assist on this set of pull-ups, just to keep my time from spiraling out of control. My first band was WAAY too strong, and I had more trouble getting down to full extension than I did with the resulting pull-up, so I asked Vin to swap the bands for me while I did the first set of 20 double-unders for the second rotation. That set was *perfect*, 20 perfectly chained double-unders .Sweet! Meanwhile, Vin had set me up with a much more "medium" band, which did far less of the work for me. Upshot was that the final 8 pull-ups all required a bit of work from me, which is the entire point of being there in the first place!

Total time: 6:42 (both rounds and rest time included)

Afterwards, I spent some time working on ring dips and ring L-sits, since I haven't really done ANY ring work since leaving the House of Diesel back in May.

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