Friday, April 6, 2012

12-03-26: Sprints

Elm City Crossfit WoD for Monday, March 26th, 2012
I will never tire of linking pictures like this. I definitely want to look like a sprinter. That said, thanks to CrossFit, I know ultra-marathoners who look more like Maurice than Robert, so its all about your approach, NOT your body-type.

Like a freaking superhero. Run, dammit!

WoD: 20x
  • Dumpster 2 Dumpster
Sprints. Lots of them. The distance between the dumpsters (or more or less one end of the parking lot to the other) is about 90 yards. Fortunately, we had a good mixed group for the runs, one speedster, one quick distance runner, a few moderate distance runners, and me. I felt good in the first run, easily coming in first, my origins as a sprinter (before growing to over 200#) serving me well. Of course, there were 19 more runs to go. After that first one, I was just happy for those rounds where I came in second.

As the rounds progressed, I started struggling to stay in second place, as often as not trailing behind the quick distance runner. The upshot is that meant I was pushing myself more than I might have otherwise. We tried to keep our pace to running on the minute, which meant that the faster we went, the more rest time we would have. Our runs took between 15-20 seconds (obviously the longer runs came later!), so the rest periods shortened to about 40 seconds. By the 4th round, my lungs wouldn’t stop burning. By the 12th, I just wanted the workout over. By the 19th, I was beyond the ability to figure out how awful I felt.

For the 20th and final run, I wanted first place again. There was no need to conserve any energy, no further rounds to prepare for. Oddly enough, writing this more than a week later… I honestly can’t remember if I came in first or not. I was so fried by that point, I don’t think I was forming memories very well.

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