Tuesday, April 10, 2012

12-04-05: Running and box jumps

Elm City CrossFit WoD for Thursday, April 5th, 2012

I didn't look like either of these guys today. I could only wish.

Am I the only person who sees this and hears the "Weird Al" Yankovic version of "George of the Jungle" going through his head? 'Watch out for that treeeeeeeee!'

Box jumps, including the all important opening of the hips on top of the box. In a non-Games environment, this can also be accomplished while jumping down from the box. I prefer the opening ON the box, because it slows me down and keeps me from hitting the wall 5 jumps in. 

WoD: 10 RFT
  • 200m run (alt. forwards and backwards) 
  • 2 box jumps 20” 
Man, running backwards sucks. SUCKS. Especially when you haven’t ever done it… and it seems its just not really as worth it if you’re not trying to throw a spear or fire an arrow at an animal trying to eat you. I guess it makes sense in that case… in this case, it just sucks. In other words, they’re a perfectly awesome workout addition. Grrrr….

The first run (200m forwards) was easy enough, as were the first two box-jumps. The first round running backwards almost ended in tragedy: it can be hard to avoid parked cars in the parking lot when you can’t see them. Either way, I avoided it, and almost had a bigger tragedy: its damn near impossible to do a box jump after running 200m backwards; the legs don’t know how to listen, or the brain can’t easily work out the change in direction. I ended up jumping almost too high, and nearly crashed on the landing. At the same time, I watched another athlete not quite jump high enough onto his 30” high box, and barely catch himself in time. Fortunately, neither of us died, which is always a good thing. After that, each backwards round required a bit of a mental muscle check. “These are my quads, these are my hamstrings, these are my calves…ready to jump!”

Total time: 13:17

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