Friday, April 13, 2012

12-04-11: Chipper!

Elm City CrossFit WoD for Wednesday, April 11th, 2012

Heather Bergeron with a bit of a chicken-neck going on. K-Starr and Carl Paoli would call her out on throwing her chin up and out to get clearance, but as a total CrossFit bad-ass, I'm sure she could fix it in an instant. I'll let it go... this time.

This guy has never done a kipping pull-up in his life. I think he's ok for all that.  You want strength? Go deadhang pull-ups, all the time. You want power output, turning pull-ups into another form of cardio? Kip to your heart's delight. Two different exercises, two different purposes, two VASTLY different outcomes.
That's a LOT of weight over his head. A LOT. 
Here's how to get that much weight overhead: with the bar resting on your shoulders (a), dip down VERTICALLY just enough to give you the ability to re-extend violently, driving the bar upwards. As soon as the bar breaks from your body, you drop under it (b), catching it with extended arms just as the bar is about to come crashing back down. Arms and shoulder girdle locked in, you stand all the way with the weight, demonstrating that you've completely controlled it. (c). And, since this IS CrossFit, repeat that for reps.
Push-ups. So simple, so horrible if you're not already really good at them. This was the first movment today that really taxed my non-existent strength endurance. After a few reps, I was gassed and ready to tap out, and had to keep chopping away at the total 1-2 reps at a time. Ugh.
 Internet fail. There should be a single picture of a full ROM sit-up on the internet, but if there is, I couldn't find it. And don't think I didn't just waste valuable time looking for it. Apparently 20 minutes have gone past. Lame!

Overhead walking lunges. FML. For real. These suck so bad, its nigh unspeakable.
WoD: For Time
  • 10 Deadhang Pull-Ups
  • 20 Jerks @ 75% 115#
  • 30 Push-ups
  • 40 Sit-ups
  • 50 ea. Overhead Walking Lunges 45#
I went into this workout feeling a bit old and creaky, and came out of it feeling a LOT old and creaky!  I opted to do the pull-ups without any band assist, knowing I could get sub-sets of 3-4 reps, which I did. I actually wasn't too thrilled with my final rep, not being sure if my chin really cleared the bar, but I was pretty smoked pull-up-wise by that point, and more than happy to get on the bar for the 20 jerks.

Here, I benefited from the fact that my PR on the jerk is actually a clean and jerk PR, meaning its limited by my still crappy ability to transition from one to the other without having any fingers slip out from the shoulder rack position, making the jerk nearly impossible. So, with that limiting my attempts at heavy jerks, the percentage for today's WoD wasn't too bad. I managed to do 10 reps unbroken, then completed the rest in two sets of 5. As expected, push-ups were miserable. With my arms already tired from the pull-ups and jerks, I only managed about 5-6 reps at first, and then slowed down considerably. While I had made up a lot of time on the jerks, I noticed as one by one, the other ECC athletes transitioned from their push-ups to sit-ups, while I kept chopping that big tree down, 1-2 reps at a time.

Sit-ups were relatively easy, broken into subsets of 20. (In hindsight, I may have been throwing my head to create momentum, as later that day, and lasting for at least two days, I've had an awful pain in my neck and upper-right shoulder that's been limiting my mobility and testing my patience... doh!). Then, it was on to the worst test of the WoD. 100 walking lunges, carrying a 45# plate overhead...

Taking up the weight, I again just started chopping away at the total, 10 lunges at a time (5 per leg). I hit the turn-around point out in the parking lot right on schedule, 50 lunges in. I turned, and went into the next sub-set. (Insert lots of rest and panting between each sub-set, by the way.) I had noticed that a funny twinge/knot in my left quad was starting to make itself known, and on this set, it suddenly started to really hurt. I held up for a second, and realized that when I was just standing still, without any pressure on it, the quad felt like it was licking a nine volt, with a kind of constant buzzing feel. I tried another rep or two, and the pain intensified, instantly abating to the weird buzzing/tingle when I just stood up.

After signalling to Coach Kimmy that I was in trouble, we decided that I should scale the workout to what I had already done (ie, DNF as Rx'ed, but counting 18:33 as the time with only 30 lunges per leg)

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